Why kids should swim in healthy water!

Do you hate the way the traditional chlorine pool wrecks your kids’ togs and makes their eyes burn when they’re in the water? Not to mention the smell… Many pool owners see this ‘old way’ of doing this as a necessary evil, part and parcel of maintaining their pool. However, it’s not the only way – changing to a sodium-free magnesium mineral pool has a number of benefits to your family’s health as well as the environment. Here are five reasons MagnaPool is a great choice for family pools.

It’s good for your skin

Children who suffer from eczema can struggle with chlorinated pools, needing to be slathered in barrier cream before swimming and showered immediately afterward. Also, people with dry skin can find that chlorine causes their skin to become even drier and more irritated. But the MagnaPool system helps keep chloramine levels to a minimum, so the water is gentler on sensitive skin, helping to keep it healthy. It feels soft and silky against the skin, and kids won’t need an immediate shower when they get out.

It won’t wreck togs or hair

Most pools are extremely hard on not just skin, but also on your children’s togs – and hair (blondes especially hate the inevitable algae-green cast that their hair gets if they swim a lot). MagnaPool is gentle on togs and hair – and even on kids’ water toys, which won’t get that dried-out, cracked look to them from exposure to the water. It’s simply gentler all around, and togs will last far longer.

There’s no yucky chlorine smell

That eye-watering smell of chlorine which lingers in togs and hair for far longer than a post-swimming shower can take care of will be a thing of the past. This is especially helpful for pregnant mums with smell aversion, and sensory sensitive children who find strong smells hard to deal with. Because you can go straight from your MagnaPool to getting dressed and going out, everyone who comes near your family won’t be wrinkling their noses and wishing you’d had a shower after swimming!

It has health benefits

The minerals used in MagnaPool such as potassium and magnesium are important for many of your bodily processes. Magnesium particularly can be deficient in many people. Swimming in a MagnaPool gives your body the chance to absorb magnesium through the skin, and it can help alleviate aches and pains and reduce stress. Many kids who swim in MagnaPools find they may be more relaxed and chilled out.

No more stinging, itchy, irritated eyes

Children love to dive and float and play in the pool, splashing about, getting water in their eyes – and with that generally comes stinging, redness, and irritation. Having a MagnaPool means the water is gentle and minimises irritation to sensitive little eyes – so they’ll laugh when they get splashed by an older sibling’s cannonball into the water!

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