21 things you’ll remember from your childhood

If you don’t remember fighting over a Furby or SEGA master system with your siblings or mates, then where were you? We thought you might enjoy this trip down memory lane with these childhood classics. Prepare for some nostalgia.

  1. Buzzy Bee: Tugging this colourful bad boy along the floor behind you will always be part of a classic kiwi childhood.
  1. Anyone going to admit phoning WhatNow to win one of their prizes on a Sunday morning?
  1. Furbies: This hamster-owl creation was always a favourite cuddle buddy during thunderstorms and sleepovers.
  1. The Snakes game is a classic and always will be. Shoutout to mum and dad for giving us 30 minutes to play on their Nokia phones before bed.
  1. Big eyes, round pudgy faces and cute outfits made Cabbage Patch Dolls the ideal non-crying babies.
  1. It was either team orange or team raspberry with Sparkle lollies.
  1. Before Dorito’s came along, it was “only CC’s is tasting like these” in any cool kid’s lunchbox.
  1. Squeeze iceblocks: Can Tip Top please bring these summer’s day favourites back ASAP!
  1. When riding to school on your 10-speed with no hands or helmet was the norm.
  1. Laughing with Big Bird, Elmo and the rest of the gang every Saturday morning on Sesame Street. Or if you’re older, Playschool and Romper Room.
  1. Spending hours and hours (and hours!) trying to solve a Rubik’s Cube.
  1. Remember the original Macca’s gang? Throwing it back to when Ronald McDonald had Hamburglar, Mayor McCheese and Captain Crook by his side.
  1. The ultimate summer’s day always included either a chocolate, strawberry or vanilla ‘longest drink in town’ milkshake.
  1. Life before Converse? It was Barter Bullets all the way on Christmas morning.
  1. The days when Georgie Pie was the best takeaways in town.
  1. Pretending to smoke ciggies with the space man candy sticks, and getting enough lollies to last an entire week for only $1.
  1. Using Disney encyclopedias to do homework. Actually, what homework?
  1. Hanging outdoors with the neighbours until it was dark, playing cops & robbers and tiggy.
  1. School-wide marble comps at lunchtime, and dreaming of being the Kingpin with an enviable collection of steelies and conkors. (Until the teachers decided it was all getting too serious, and broke up the party.)
  1. Playing Alex Kidd, Pac-Man and Tetris on your SEGA master system.
  1. Launching a Sky Dancer or Dragon-Flyer and seeing how long they could spin in the air was the ultimate entertainment back in the day.
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