7 hacks for the best Kiwi roadie

One example of a road trip hack putting food in a tackle box

Heading off for a classic Kiwi road trip? We’ve got the best hacks for a relaxing roadie with the kids.

Tacklebox snacks (pictured above)

No more grapes being squished into the backseat, kit your kids out with the coolest (and tidiest) way to snack. Head to your nearest hardware or plastics store, and pick up a tool or tackle box to load eats and treats into. This way, the kids have easy access to their own individual snacks (no backseat battles, score!) and they can open and close it as they please!

Backseat organiser

 Say goodbye to tears over missing pens and toys; these backseat organisers are the perfect way to set up and store road-trip activities. You can find backseat organisers at most automotive retailers, or for a quick fix, hang a backpack over the headrest of the seat in front for easy access.

back seat organisers an example of a road trip hack

Travel map

 Avoid the inevitable “Are we there yet?” questions with a laminated travel map. Have your kids trace the route with a whiteboard marker as you go through towns –it’ll give them a gauge of where you’re at, and build the excitement of getting to the destination!

using a marker and a map kids can track their progress on the road trip

Checklist of prized possessions

There’s nothing worse than packing up the car and leaving your destination, only to turn around an hour into your journey because one of the kids left their favourite cuddly behind. Prevent the hysterics by pre-printing checklists for the kids before you leave to make sure they have their prized possessions safely packed away.

A checklist is a great way to track the road trip

Check off the giant things

While we’re talking checklists, check out the giant things! If you’re on a big kiwi roadie, there are a few sights you simply cannot miss – because they’re HUGE! Prep a list of the giant landmarks on your route, or divert on a tiki-tour to nearby sights, and take a photo of the kids doing a different silly pose at each one!

Once you’re home from your trip, print out the photos so the kids can relive the memories. Bonus, if you do a roadie each year, it can make for an awesome trip down memory lane to take yearly photos and compare how the kids are growing against the giant landmark! You can check out a few of our faves here!

Keeping an eye out for major attractions can break up a road trip

Backseat trash container

Avoid a messy backseat by setting up a trash container in the rear of the car. Break out the Tupperware or head to your local shop and get a container with a lift-up lid to store all your rubbish from the trip. Keep our country clean and green by emptying it only into public rubbish bins, and recycle where you can.

making sure to have trash bags is super important on a road trip

Wax cubes

After a while, the smell of being in a packed car of people can be a bit nauseating – especially when travelling with those in nappies! Beat the bad smells with DIY air-fresheners the kids can make before the trip! Grab some mason jars, put small holes in the top, then put a few cubes of their favourite scented wax inside. The wax will melt a little in the heat of the car and there will be sweet aromas for all to enjoy – sweet!

By Kersti Ward

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