Totally awesome ice-cream in Auckland

ice cream in auckland

We’ve discovered some seriously impressive ice-cream in Auckland that we know your kids will want to visit (possibly the begging has started already). We’re not just talking large or good value cones here, we’re talking marvellous creations that will knock their socks off. And parents, the best news is that you’ll be more than excited to share in the delight.

Aqua S – 287 Queen St, Auckland  

From toasted marshmallow toppers, candied popcorn and majestic clouds of cotton candy, Queen Street’s new “Aqua S” ice cream parlour puts the ‘awe’ in awesome toppings. For an ice cream base, choose from their mouthwatering signature sea-salt soft serve, or if sea salt isn’t for you, choose from their frequent rotation of alternatives – past flavours include lime cheesecake, rose lychee, earl grey milk tea and chai latte.  The next time you’ve planned a family trip into town, make sure you pop by to create sweet delights for kiddos with sophisticated taste buds.

Pictured above via Christine Knight

Giapo – 12 Gore Street, Auckland Central

Golden flakes, hand-crafted macaroons, doughnuts and cookies are among the amazing toppings on the ice creams at Giapo, making this experience truly one-of-a-kind. Their creative flavours of sweet, rich and fruity, along with unique cone creations, will leave your kids begging for return visits. A real treat for the whole family.

Cereal Killa Cafe – 360 Dominion Road, Mt Eden

Cereal Killa Café has some incredible creations that will blow the kids’ minds. Their eyes will be bulging when they see the size of these epic killa shakes topped with ice cream, waffles, chocolate – you name it! Although not strictly an ice-cream parlour, Cereal Killa is well worth a mention because of the amount of ice cream spilling over the top of their shakes!

Ice-cream in auckland

Ben & Jerry’s – 160 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby, & 6-10 The Strand, Channel View Road, Takapuna 

With flavours of cookie dough, strawberry cheesecake and New York super fudge chunk, Ben & Jerry’s really do live up to their motto of ‘seriously fun ice cream’. They are the master of flavours (you’ll find a smorgasbord of mouth-watering options) and as such, have well and truly earned a place on our ‘marvellous ice-cream list’. Whether you’re in the Ponsonby area or heading out to Takapuna beach, you will delight kids of all ages with this ice-cream outing.

Duck Island Ice Cream – 1/182 Ponsonby Road, Ponsonby 

Hopefully you’re not indecisive, because Duck Island have 26 irresisitible flavours (vegan and gluten-free options)! Made in a small batch system,  using organic cream and the best quality seasonal ingredients, this will surely leave your tribe with big drippy smiles.  Flavours include fairy bread, white chocolate, pomegranate and macadamia, and for the more adventurous, black sticky rice. Oh, and did we mention Duck Island ice cream won the Cuisine 2016 artisan awards?

Island Gelato Company – 99 Quay Street Auckland CBD & 124 Ocean View, Waiheke Island

If you’re in central Auckland or on Waiheke Island, check out the chef’s specials at the Island Gelato Company. With extraordinary flavours of salted coconut and passionfruit, peanut butter, caramel and dark chocolate, and affogato and roasted almond, they have your gelato cravings well and truly covered. With their converted container shop, this place gives you the full experience.

Sweet Val’s Ice Cream – Pop up  shop at events/hire out for events

Being dairy-free or vegan doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying the joys of ice cream, especially not at Sweet Val’s. This mobile ice cream parlour’s marvellous menu features mostly dairy-free/vegan sundaes and ice-cream sandwiches. Flavours include ‘chocolate fush’ and ‘Dairy free mee’. All their cups and napkins are renewable, which makes enjoying ice cream good for the environment too. The creators use liquid nitrogen to handcraft these treats, so if you have the chance to catch them in the process it will make for a good show. Check out their website to see what festival or event they are popping up at next.

The Tuck Shop at the Grounds in Whoa Studios – 8 Henderson Valley Road, Henderson

Based in Henderson, this studio, playground, restaurant and eatery is a wonderful day out for the family on its own. But the simply delicious handcrafted ice creams and flavours such as green apple and hokey pokey make The Grounds an all-time favourite destination for everyone.

Crunch Tower – 279 Parnell Road, Parnell

Decadent and delicious doughnuts surrounded by oozing ice cream and sweet treats are exactly what you’re going to get at this popular spot. Whether you’re an Oreo monster shake enthusiast or strawberry lover, Casa Del Gelato is the dessert heaven we’ve been dreaming of. Casa Del Gelato are most famous for their Freak Shakes (they introduced Auckland to these impressive ice cream shakes ), and once you’re faced with one of these awe-inspiring creations, you’ll be forever hooked. Get the cameras ready!

Eggloo – Sylvia Park shopping mall

Not strictly an ice-cream parlour, rather more of a waffle street stall, Eggloo’s ice-cream laden waffle cups are impressive. Their cute themes will certainly delight your kids, but parents, you’ll also be tempted with options like sweet’n salted, classic matcha and lemon baked Alaska. Based on a popular street food dating back to the 1950s and originating from Hong Kong, the waffle itself has a paper thin crispy outer layer and a light fluffy, eggy spongy centre. These bubble creations are rolled in a cone shape, filled with ice-cream and toppings and served in a cup. Just like little igloos really!

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