The (dreamers') guide to dollhouses

We asked our FaceBook community about their kids’ dollhouses and were inspired to find the best of the best and nothing less! From old fashioned beauts, to a DIY’s daydream, to vast castles… we’ve found a crib for every kind of kid.

Your kids won’t have to pretend with these decadent dollhouses! Houses are furnished and dolls are dressed in period décor. If your kid is a fan of ‘A Little Princess’, ‘The Secret Garden’, or anything Austen, they’ll be in awe. A dollhouse won’t be enough though; there’s a whole doll village waiting to be played with. From manors to summer houses, corner shops to conservatories, gypsy caravans to castles, pergolas and gazebos. Such masterpieces are perfect to pass down to your kids, and their kids, and their kids after that.

stunning dollhouses

Kids will be on cloud nine with these dreamy dollhouses featured on boutique website, Little Whimsy, which tips its cap to Scandinavian and retro design. Handpicked toy companies are featured here, centring on small, ethical and eco-friendly brands. These chunky offerings are sustainable and well-made, so there’s enduring appeal. Items from Little Whimsy are limited edition, so make sure you nab these cuties before they run out!

Got a little bubba? We have the perfect miniature set to ease them into the world of dollhouses. This handmade Dollhouse with Rabbits is made out of soft materials, perfect for soft little hands, and has a handle on the top for portable play. A decade on from its creation, AlexandAlexa continue to deliver retro and original play experiences. This duo gathers the world’s best kids’ brands into one online boutique site so you can get click-happy. Our favourites include the bunny family and the Djeco room range – you’ll want to redecorate your real house when you’ve finished on this website.

If being careful isn’t quite in the kids’ mindset just yet, Bebabo designs chunky wooden families to last the wear and tear. These traditional toys are masterfully crafted, yet are neutral building blocks for imagination. When devices are buzzing, and everyone is bustling, these back-to-basics toys supply endless adventures. Shipped all the way from Germany, you won’t regret inviting these cute little characters into your home.

Lately, we have been falling in love with everything Swedish, including Lundby. Lundby is the world’s oldest dollhouse manufacturer, yet they have the most modern, colour-popping selection of fun. Always up with the trends, Lundby were the first to install miniature electric lighting in dollhouses. Every dollhouse boasts the designs of the era it’s created in. If you’ve got a wee homebody on your hands, this is the perfect house to be engrossed with. The newest edition to this collection includes a pull-out pool area for dolly.

Create an epic encounter with this Medieval castle from Toys’R’Us. From the princess in the tower, to the cannon on the turret, to the horse galloping out the gate; you’ll really have to tear kids away. Everyone can get excited about this castle, boys and girls. If the kids love Frozen, there is also an icy castle, perfect for keeping them occupied on those wet days cooped up inside.

You don’t have to decide between colourful and classy with Sylvanian Families toys. These furry little friends are fabulous for both girls and boys, but they require a kind temperament. Sylvanian Families were designed to help kids learn the importance of kindness and love. In this idyllic village, all creatures are friends and waiting to be played with. The detailed homes, shops, furniture and intricate accessories are full of potential for decorating and playing pretend. Let the adventure begin!

Greenleaf sends kitsets straight to you, so you can DIY your way to dollhouse heaven. This is a pastime boys can invest in too; they can strap on dad’s tool belt and build lighthouses and ranches, not just dollhouses. It’s an epic experience at Greenleaf, from choosing, to creating, to playing. The dollhouse is truly earned! Other houses have scrumptious names like ‘Fairfield’, ‘Sugarplum’, and ‘Willowcrest’ (it’s our Downton Abbey dream).

Do you want a dollhouse as big as your child? These dollhouses from Direct Toys are of epic proportions. Barbie’s new home is ramped up with an elevator, three or even four stories, a veranda, and staircases. This dollhouse was one of the favourites on our FaceBook page and it will definitely make those eyes bug right out.

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