Mini Golf in Auckland

mini golf course in auckland

If your kids are mini-golf enthusiasts, they are in for a treat with some of these state-of-the-art courses. The game is almost secondary to the ridiculously amazing experience in some of these glowing, fantastical and intrepid courses, where kids and families can smash it out to find the ultimate winner. We know it’s all for fun, but hey, a bit of competitive spirit is surely a healthy thing (and tbh, we need to make the most of that small window when we can actually win against the kids!).

Here are 8 places to play mini golf in auckland



The kids will be obsessed with Gloputt as it’s the only mini-golf course in Auckland that is ‘glow-in-the-dark’. The buildings, foliage, pathways and fairways are all illuminated with glowing technicolour, making this 16-hole course a memorable experience for all.


Putters Paradice

Botany downs

Putters Paradice is a 13 hole indoor miniature golf course filled with crazy, unique and quirky holes. Tee off at Slap Shots ice rink and score a goal, putt your way into space at Golfers of the Galaxy or try get a hole in one while enjoying refreshments at the bach.

Around the World

Sylvia Park

Prepare for a journey ‘Around the World’ while playing mini putt. This course is a sightseeing extravaganza that your little travellers will adore.

Dragon Quest

New Lynn

Journey through the realms of Golftania on the Dragon Quest. Travel through mystical lands and return the dragon eggs to mumma dragon.

Lost in time

Central Auckland

Travel back in time to some key events in New Zealand’s history — from the battlefields of World War I to the gold mines of Waihi right back to the prehistoric days when dinosaurs ruled the earth. This mini-golf course mixes history with fun.

Safari and T-rex Alley

Tamaki Drive

This course feature two completely different mini-golf experiences. Choose between the Serengeti plains of Africa, where you can spy giraffes, hippos and zebras. Or walk among some of the largest creatures that ever walked the earth down T-Rex Alley.

Treasure Island

Auckland Airport

Ahoy mateys! Head out to Auckland Airport for a fun afternoon of mini golf at the original Adventure mini-golf course, Treasure Island. Choose between the Captain’s course which takes you on the pirate ship or Blackbeard’s course which goes through the cave. The kids will have a blast.

Enchanted Forest Mini Golf


Explore the Enchanted Forest Mini Golf course. This beauty of a course features loads of little challenges, including one that calls for you to smash the ball to hit a target. The kids will love this game.

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