The rainy day activity ideas our parent community always turn to

Kids baking one of the rainy day activity ideas suggested by our

Rainy days can be the worst when you have bored kids at home. Our Tots to Teens parent community shared some amazing at-home ideas, that make perfect rainy day boredom busters.

rainy day Indoor activities

Paint in the shower (nudey kids, water based paint and paint brushes are all that is required) or paint pots with a squirt of dishwashing liquid. When they are finished painting, throw a cloth in and they clean their art. Try glow sticks in the bath once dark, or a disco in the lounge with the curtains shut. ~ Shannon

Make and indoor obstacle course that they are involved in designing. ~ Manju

Put masking tape on the floor to make roads! ~ Sarah

Get them to draw a plan of their bedroom or the lounge and how they think furniture will work, and then shift the furniture to their plan. ~ Barbara

Scavenger hunt. ~ Vicki

Building and then sleeping in a home-made fort. ~ Jenny


Decorating cupcakes and icing cookies. ~ Barbara

Making sugared petals and flowers ~ Cindy

Find easy recipes, and make a cookbook with photos of what they baked ~ Sarah

Plan a special desert the kids can make. Our kids love making sweet treats ~ Sonja

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Rock painting at a table and card making. ~ Michelle

Painting and play dough. ~ Karina

We find clever ideas on Tik Tok (like blowing eggs out of their shells) and try them out at home. ~ Monty

Circus at-home with balloons, paper board and sewer clowns. ~ Neomi 

Decorations (for Christmas, Halloween, birthdays or any event coming up) ~ Jane

Movie time

A good movie & warm popcorn ~ Michelle

Movie day in the lounge. Stack one couch up higher on the coffee table like in a cinema. ~ Shannon

Go out in the rain

Dress them up warm and go for a walk in the rain, kids seem to love it. ~ Barbara

Togs and soap on the tramp and then a warm shower. ~ Shannon

Puddle jumping. ~ Jenny

Make little boats with leaves, branches or pieces of light wood and float them in puddles and down the natural rivers formed after rain. ~Kate

Head out but stay indoors

Local indoor swimming pool. ~ Barbara

Going to the mall or library. ~ Mansi 


Have a Lego build day. ~ Philippa + Vicki

Lego building competition. ~ Shannon


I have a box of toys that are kept in the cupboard that only come out for such occasion. ~ Michelle

Activities kept aside for emergencies. ~ Clare

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