Snow day! Perfect places to take your kindy-aged kids to the snow

Child making a snow angel at one perfect place to take kids to the snow

It’s no secret that kids feel nothing but joy playing in the snow, and let’s face it, as long as you’re warm and toasty and in the right gear, it really is magical! If you’re looking for ways to introduce your under 5’s to the delights of sliding, sledding, building snowmen and having mini snow fights, then we have the perfect go-to line-up.

Snowplanet in Auckland for Kindy group snow fun

Snowplanet’s Winter Wonderland is a family-friendly alpine village housed in the Snowplanet snow dome. There are plenty of activities to explore, and the snow play area is set apart from skiers and snowboarders, so it’s perfect for under 5’s to enjoy . Snowplanet also offers a Kindy Group Snow Fun Day, where pre-school children can explore and play in the snow. 

Snowfarm in Wanaka for snow play

Snowfarm in Wanaka has a dedicated snow play area including the Snow Fun Zone. Kids can jump on the snow-tubes, build snowmen, or have a snowball fight. This little gem is dedicated to snow play and worth a stop for all ages, but particularly great for the under 5’s.

Mt Ruapehu for sledding and playing in the snow

Both Whakapapa and Turoa on Mt Ruapehu offer a chance to experience fun in the snow. Whakapapa has a tobogganing and tubing area at the top of the Sky Waka (bookings required on busy days), and Happy Valley for littlies learning to ski or snowboard. There’s also a small learner area at Turoa and plenty of snow hills around the Resort as long as you visit in mid-winter. If it’s been snowing regularly, and you don’t want to head up the mountain, you’ll find plenty of places to play along the Desert Road, by the Chateau or on the road up to either side of the Mountain.

If you’re not quite convinced to organise a snow day for the kids, then maybe these health and well-being benefits will get you enthused…

Exercise and motor skills

Walking and playing in the snow takes some serious effort, especially for little legs, so prepare for a serious work out for your little people. Walking, running, playing and even sledding or tubing will work the large muscle groups, as well as engage balance and coordination. 


Snow offers so many opportunities for kids to express themselves and play freely and creatively. Kids can build a snow fort or a snowman (or woman), make snow angels and build car tracks . Let their imagination run wild.


Spending time in powdery white snow is a wonderful opportunity to be present, and create memories that your kids (and you) will remember for life.


If you’re heading to an outside snow area, then spending time in the fresh air will give your kids a break from germs that are floating around inside (on places like door handles and the remote!), and help build a little one’s immunity.


Playing in the snow is an activity that doesn’t involve a screen and will take up a lot of energy and brain power – stimulating in a good way!

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