The Hamilton playgrounds that you simply must visit

Hare Puke one of the best playgrounds in Hamilton

Whether you’re a lucky resident or just travelling through, the playgrounds in Hamilton are right up there with the best in NZ. Check out our favourite playgrounds in Hamilton and prepare yourself for a few surprises.

Hare Puke

Hare Puke Drive, Flagstaff

Hare Puke playground is so good, it has just won Playground of the Year for 2019. The playground has a tonne of awesome features including an in-ground trampoline, claw wings, a multi-spinner carousel, a climbing gym in the shape of a wave, and a six-person swing set. Be sure to take your scooters as there is a special track, and younger kids will love the sensory play area.

Te Huia Reserve playground

Wisteria Place, Flagstaff

Te Huia Reserve playground is a miniature version of the Hare Puke playground. Following the same theme with the eel net to reflect the cultural heritage of the area, the playground features a play net, swings, slide and spinners.

Hamilton Gardens Playground

Hungerford Crescent, Hamilton 

Hamilton Gardens is home to an adorable garden-themed playground. With treehouses, swings, slides, and secret hidey-holes, the kids will love the unique feel of this play area.

Parana Park

Memorial Drive, Hamilton East

Parana Park has a strong kowhai theme running through its equipment, and includes a kowhai seed fountain, kowhai flower slide and kowhai leaf-shaped viewing platform over the Waikato river. The park also features a childrens’ garden, an aviary and a paddling pool for extra fun.

Minogue Park Playground

Moore Street, Forest Lake 

Minogue Park has some fun features for the littlies including mini trampolines set into the matting and mini tunnels through the grassy hills. The playground also features dual flying foxes for races, a mini spiderweb climbing rope, and a bike track that runs around the outside of the playground.

Hamilton Lake Domain Playground

Ruakiwi Road, Hamilton CBD

Hamilton Lake Domain playground is located in the heart of Hamilton City and within walking distance from the CBD. The playground’s showstopper is the unique double tower structure with tube slides. There’s also a load of other fun playground equipment including music makers, climbing webs, log bridges and monkey bars.

Dominion Park  Playground

Dominion Road, Nawton 

Dominion Park has an ecological theme that represents Hamilton’s environment by separating the playground into three distinct spaces. The Swamp and Peat Lake features balancing boards and beams; the Riparian Wetlands have swings, a claw wing, monkey bars, weaving poles and a zip line; and finally the Forest which has a climbing web and climbing tower with a slide.

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