Weekend Playground, Walk and Coffee Circuit — Hobsonville Point

This weekend circuit has become a family favourite. Beginning with a mid-morning drive through this new suburb to the Farmers’ Market, on to a bike ride, stopping off for a picnic lunch (pre-packed or freshly sourced), and finally splashing our way through a water playground before going home. Those little faces will be sporting a smile on their dial with all the sunshine, good food, and beautiful scenery (maybe that scenic part is more for us).

Hobsonville Point Farmers Market

No. 5 Store Shed, The Landing, by Hobsonville Ferry Terminal

First stop on this circuit is the Hobsonville Point Farmers’ Market. The kids will love the ambience at this market which is held in an old aeroplane hangar, and always reverberating with live music. Don’t worry, the kids don’t have to linger here long, we are just here to pack a decadent lunch. Grab a loaf of oven-fresh bread, some of the local organic produce (get started on your 5+ a day), cold sushi and meats, and cupcakes, to stash in either a bike basket, in the back of your buggy or any ol’ bag! Open on Saturdays from 9am till 1pm and Sundays 9am till 2pm, start your weekend with this market (rain or shine). Don’t forget to take your gourmet coffee with you; next stop is the cycleway.

Hobsonville Point Coastal Walkway

Short walk from the Ferry Terminal

Family excursions are never quite as simple as they seem on paper. So we’ve found a 5km looping coastal walk that works for everyone: walkers, scooters, bikes, prams, bubs and parents alike. The cycleway is perfect for all parties. The older kids can get stuck in zooming around the track while the littlies dawdle behind. There are multiple entries and exits if anyone gets tired (or grumpy). Most of the ride is off-road and flat (just a few wee hills), and the path is sealed except for a short gravelled section along the shoreline. This cycleway tours you around the breathtaking views of the shoreline, township and bush gullies. And if parent-brain has struck and you’ve forgotten the bikes, there is a bike rental stall on the wharf. It is at this point in the journey that we like to find a spot with a view, lay out the picnic rug, and have a well-earned feast on the artisan delights picked up from the Farmers’ Market. And if you have a four-legged friend who doesn’t want to be left at home, the coastal walkway is suitable for dogs (on leads) and has a fenced off-lead area along the trail quite near to the wharf. Also, near the wharf (about 30 metres from the entrance to the path) look out for the stairs leading up to the big bucket swing and flying fox. The views are stunning from up there!

Catalina Water Play Park

On the corner of Onekiritea and Tuatua Road

The long-awaited water play park has opened in Hobsonville Point. Everybody loves it – on lazy weekend mornings you can spot families gathering around the barbecues, and kids dashing out to the waterways. Children love to jump over the moats, watch as the water flows and fills the pathways, and generally just make a splash! And if water isn’t the kids’ jam, the Hobsonville Point playground is always a firm favourite.

Little Creatures microbrewery (with playground)

Catalina Bay

What could be a better end to the day than enjoying a cold, refreshing pale ale next to the sea in a 1939 mega-sized Sunderland Hangar? Your children can marvel at the giant tanks surrounding the venue while you marvel at the brewers and sweet aroma of beer brewing. There is also a selection of food your kids will love, such as woodfired pizza, sharing platters, gourmet fish and chips and Italian food, and a special fenced playground area for the kids.

Ferries now available

Departing from Pier 4, 139 Quay Street

Glide across the ocean and admire the beautiful views on the daily ferry. Ferries run Monday to Friday between 7:10am and 7:40pm, Saturdays from 8am and 10:30pm and Sunday and public holidays from 8am and 8:30pm. Your littlies will find this such an exciting way to start and end the day.

Little Creatures Microbrewery indoor fenced in playground.

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