Where to learn a new sport in Auckland

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There’s little doubt that joining your kid up to a sports club or programme is a great idea. When they’re young, choose something they enjoy where they can form a “sports friends” peer group, and you get to mix with other like-minded families. It’s a fantastic time in your parenting journey, supporting your kids on the weekend with their sports, standing on sidelines (yes, even in the rain) and sharing the ups and downs, but mainly the fun. Believe me, you’ll miss it when they’re no longer involved. Here are six places where kids can learn a new sport in Auckland.

The Hot Shots Tennis Programme

Albany Tennis Park 

If you’re wanting to get your kids started in tennis, then head along to the Albany Tennis Club where they have different levels for different ages. Younger kids (ages 3-5) start in the Blue Stage which introduces kids to tennis through games and fun activities.

They then move up to the Red Stage ( ages 5-8) where they build on the tennis skills they learnt using a larger tennis ball which is easier to hit, before moving up to the Orange Stage (ages 8-10), where the ball is a bit bouncier and the court is a little bigger. Next is the Green Stage (ages 9+) where the ball has a higher compression and the kids play on a full-sized court. Finally, kids play in the Giant Stage (ages 11+) where kids play with a fully pressurised tennis ball on a full-sized court.

Learn to Surf

Muriwai Surf School 

If you have any kids obsessed with water sports, why not take them along to Muriwai Surf School where they offer an introduction to surfing group lesson or after-school lessons. Kids will be taught the surfing techniques and board control they will need to shred the waves.

Squash coaching

Howick Squash Club 

Howick Squash Club offer individual coaching for those looking to advance their squash game, or for beginners including kids. The coaching will cover everything you need to make the important shots in your squash game.

Parent and Child swimming classes

Duck ‘n’ Dive Swim Academy, Te Atatu

Duck ‘n’ Dive offer parent and child classes from 6 months of age. They run a fun experience that allows a special bond to form between parent and child.

Tennis Junior Membership

Cockle Bay Tennis Club

Cockle Bay Tennis Club have junior memberships for both social and competitive players from aged 5. They also offer coaching programmes for anyone wanting to improve their tennis skills, and school holiday programmes every school holidays. For kids who want to add a competitive edge to their tennis, they can participate in the Interclub tournament.

Afterschool Skills Netball Programme

Auckland Netball St Johns or Windmill Road Mt Eden

Auckland Netball offer a range of afterschool clinics tailored to suit the level of all netball players. Whether your child is a beginner or experienced, all players will develop and improve their netball techniques, skills and grow their confidence.

Looking for other options in Auckland? Check out the full list here (https://www.mallplanet.com/tots-to-teens-mall/browse/listings?sc=335867) for ideas ranging from BMX biking and boxing to rugby for under-5s.

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