What to Pack When Going Camping With Kids

Packing list for camping with kids , kids tent

We LOVE our Tots to Teens Travel NZ with Kids Facebook group, it is full of super helpful and supportive discussions as well as the greatest advice! So if you are a new to camping, then this packing list for camping with kids might be helpful for you…


“My sister and I are going camping with our two 7 year old boys for the first time. All we have so far is a two-man tent (each), blow up mattresses and sleeping bags. Any other camping stuff we need to borrow? We’re staying on a non powered site. We’re also not really ‘camping people’ so any recommendations appreciated…”

Check out our community’s best tips (and don’t miss the list at the bottom):

packing list for camping with kids, facebook comment
packing list for camping with kids, earplugs, facebook comment
Packing a plastic tub, facebook caption
packing list for camping with kids, cutlery, detergent, facebook comment
 what to pack for camping, facebook comment
 what to pack for camping, folding tables and chairs, facebook comment
 what to pack for camping, facebook comment
 facebook comment, what to pack for camping

Camping With Kids Essentials Packing List:

  1. Camping chairs
  2. Folding table
  3. Head torch, fairy lights, lamps, torches
  4. Pot/pans
  5. Small BBQ or camp cooker
  6. Extra warm blankets for when it gets cold at night
  7. Sleeping bags
  8. Blow-up beds or camp stretchers
  9. Warm layers – hoodies, jackets, puffers, thermals
  10. Ear plugs (if you’re a light sleeper)
  11. Insect repellent (especially here in NZ!)
  12. Hats
  13. Big plastic tub/s – for storing gear, food, for washing dishes or feet or carrying things. 
  14. Cutlery, plates and cups
  15. Snacks (fruit bars, baking, chips, crackers)
  16. Dishwashing liquid, washing powder 
  17. Tea towels, dishcloths 
  18. Activities for kids – balls, beach cricket, cards, board games
  19. Chilly bin
  20. Wet wipes, tissues
  21. Wine ?
  22. TENT! Recommendations: Air tents, canvas tents and tents you can stand up in. You might want extra small tents for the kids if your main tent isn’t big enough. 
  23. Water bottles
  24. Sunblock
  25. Beach towels and shower towels
  26. Good walking shoes
  27. Togs
  28. Books
  29. First aid kit

Have you got anything to add to the list? Jump on in to Travel NZ with Kids and let us know about your favourite camping #hacks and tips, we’d love to hear them.

If you are still looking for more information about camping, then you can check out our Camping and Tramping tips, and if you’re up for an adventure then our 376 things to do around NZ with kids  should keep you busy.

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