Travel NZ with kids

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Campervan hints

Travelling in a campervan? Here are some hints from Travel NZ with Kids to make your trip more comfortable.

  • “Don’t take suitcases, as you’ll want to be able to put all of your belongings in the cupboards and not feel cramped. Take soft bags you can then fold up and put in the cupboards too.”
  • “If you’re going in the cooler months, I’d recommend requesting a van with a diesel heater to keep warm when not plugged in.”
  • “Be prepared for a bit of noise in the back of the campervan while travelling. We ended up wrapping the utensils up in towels and taking the lids off pots and pans, and taking the microwave plate out as well.”
  • “Just a handy hint after three weeks in a campervan – take a big bottle of sanitiser and a big box of tissues and leave them in the front of the van to use after every stop.”
  • Camping grounds or swimming pool showers every couple of days are a good idea as the teeny showers can be difficult.”

Ferry fun

If you’re taking the ferry between islands, how can you pass the time with kids and not want to jump overboard? Here are some good ideas.

  • “I like the private cabins. The kids can just chill out and you know they’re not annoying people. The cabins are small – four bunk beds with a small bathroom. Everything you need, really!”
  • “Our kids love the ferry but never sat still long enough to be in a cabin, as littlies. They love the play area and the family zone, where there is often a magician, a TV etc.”
  • “There is usually a magic show and the food isn’t too badly priced. Keep your phone charged for a bit of YouTube. Some of the boats have awesome playgrounds.”

Kids and carsickness

What can you do about carsick kids? Our Travel NZ with Kids community members had some good advice!

  • “Getting your child to listen to audio books helps a little, as it gets them focussed on that.”
  • “An ear plug in the non-dominant ear is meant to help. (If your child is right-handed, put an ear plug in the left ear.)”
  • “We used to give my niece chewing gum and tell her it was special anti-sick medicine – the placebo effect seemed to work.”
  • “Peppermint oil on the temples, or anything with ginger in it.”
  • “I’ve been told that sitting them on newspaper can help. No evidence myself, but the bus driver taking kids to camp swears by it.”
  • “Getting them to sniff on sliced lemon in a snap lock bag works for us.”
  • “Singing songs, getting them to talk, fresh air, going to sleep. My parents always kept a towel, ice cream punnet, baby wipes, bottled, water, and change of clothes handy.”
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