18 unique unisex names

There’s something remarkably useful about having your baby name sorted. But we can’t deny the fun and joy in a genuinely good surprise for everyone! For expecting parents-to-be, it can be tough to find the right name, but we’ve got you covered. Here are 18 of our favourite gender-neutral names of 2018:

1. Akito

Expecting in March, April or May? Bring in positive Asian-esque qualities with this Japanese name meaning ‘bright’, ‘a bright person’ or a ‘bright person who is like the autumn season’. Fun fact: ‘Aki’ is Autumn in Japanese!

2. Blaine

Derived from the Gaelic term “blá” meaning “yellow”, this golden name was traditionally given to blonde or fair-haired children. Don’t let the colour of your little one’s hair hold you back, though. Black or blonde, girl or boy, this name is timeless for any child.

3. Bodhi

Found in Buddhist concepts, this name translates to ‘enlightenment’ and it’s perfect for your upcoming wee bundle of joy.

4. Bowie

A name best suitable for tiny humans with the biggest superstar qualities!

5. Darian

It is no question that babies never cease to surprise us. Sometimes they kick unexpectedly, have interesting food preferences or pop out at the most unexpected times. That’s why this Greek name meaning ‘gift’ embodies what all children are, a surprise gift!

6. Embry

Your little one is guaranteed to rule the world with this name. Of English origin, this name means ‘work rule’ and was once held by famous rulers.

7. Gray

Vibrant colour names like Scarlett and Olive are overrated; take a different direction with this chic name, with an equally feminine and masculine feel.

8. Kai

Although only three letters long, the meaning behind this name spans 12 different cultures. In Swahili, it means ‘loveable’, whilst in Chinese it means ‘victory’ and amazingly, a baby is both loveable and a victory for us parents. 

9. Neo

Again, meaning ‘gift’ (African origin) and alternatively derived from the Greek word νεος (neos) meaning “new”. With a clever name like this one, you’ll be in with the new, out with the old.

10. Nova

The abbreviated meaning of Nova in the dictionary is “a star that suddenly increases dramatically in brightness.” Look forward to an inspiring and cosmic birth with this brilliant name.

11. Pax

Pax is the Latin word for peace, and naming your baby so may grant you more peaceful nights. With wishful thinking, of course.

12. Pheonix

Re-birth a traditional creature into a chic and modern name for boys and girls alike. 

13. River

Powerful and full of life, bring in a flow of goodness in time for the baby’s delivery with this striking name. 

14. Rocky

Win the championship of names with this iconic title for your little fighter.

15. Roshan

Meaning ‘light and bright’ in Persian, Roshan remains a gorgeous name for both girls and boys alike.

16. Sorin

Give your ray of light the best-fitting name with this Romanian word meaning ‘sun’.

17. Wren

An interesting Welsh baby name meaning ruler. But it’s fitting because, I mean, who else rules your heart?

18. Wyatt

This traditional name was altered from the term wigheard in Old English, with ‘wig’ meaning war and ‘heard’ meaning hardy, brave or strong. After nine long months, your warrior will be ready to be just as brave and strong as their name.

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