Granny names turned retro for new babies

Old names are classy and new names are funky, so why not combine the two for some great modern alternatives to celebrate all the gorgeous granny out there. Here are some retro names for your new baby to stand out among the crowd.

Girls’ names:

Jaqueline –> Jack

Margaret –> Maggie

Naomi –> Nomi

Dorothea –> Doro/Dory

Isabella –> Bella

Henrietta –> Henry

Elizabeth –> Liza

Charlotte –> Lottie

Silvia –> Silvy

Francesca –> Frankie

Olive –> Livvy

Boys’ names:

Julian –> Jules

Dexter –> Dex

Ephriam –> Ephry

Calvin –> Cal

Archibald –> Archie

Theodore –> Theo

John –> Jono

Arthur –> Art

Matthew –> Matty

Lewis –> Louis

Francis –> Frankie

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