10 super gorgeous and trendy hairstyles for boys

A little cool dude deserves a cool haircut. Bieber’s iconic throwback bowl-cut is now in the old, and kiddos are looking in a totally new direction, so parents, you need to be in the now. Take a look at ten gorgeous hairstyles for your little man.

1.   Smooth Side Bang Talk

Pair up a short-to-long side bang with short sides and get this smooth look. This cut is a banger when set with a light, child-friendly hairspray. 

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2. The Toddler Undercut-Fade

Head to your nearest child-friendly barber and request a blend of the two coolest hair trends as of yet: the undercut and fade. Add in a comb-over and viola! Personality in every angle. 

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3. Faux-Hawk

The faux-hawk is like a mohawk, but is a more textured version with layers of short hair on the side. This classic look is clean yet stylish for any kiddo and their inner rockstar.  

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4. Au Naturel

Let the natural curls run his world! If your little man has a head full of naturally curly hair, embrace low-maintenance curlies with this charming cut. 

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5. Tame the Mane 

This is a superb cut for boys with thicker hair and curls. Forget bland buzz-cuts, and bring out the best of thick hair with this dapper look. Apply mousse for added texture.

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6.  Baby Pompadour

Rebuff the classic “Pompadour Puff” into a perfect mini-style for your little one. Beware of uncontrollable oozing charm! 

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7. Surfer Boy

Bring in the surf all year round with this effortless cut. Styling long hair with layers and a light tousle will bring out the best in this sun-kissed surf style.

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8. Bang On Layers

Forget the comb overs and slicked back styles, bring out the forehead bangs (also called the French crop!) and prove that adolescent styles don’t have to remain short to be stylish.  

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9. Work of Art

Hair tattooing can bring out any shaved cut, no matter how simple. If simple definitely isn’t for you, be an extra parent and add a little flare to your child’s next do with a hair tattoo. 

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10. Hedgehog style

If your teen doesn’t like the sound of going too short, suggest this spiky skater boy style for his next trim.

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