The ultimate christmas gift guide for teenagers

gift guide

Christmas is just around the corner and we know shopping for teens can be stressful, at best. So we’ve put together 50 top Christmas gifts your teen is sure to love.

  1. These little Polaroid cameras are the perfect Christmas gift. Your teen will be snapping away and creating memories in no time. Just don’t forget the film!
  2. Every music lover’s dream: A portable Bluetooth speaker! Gone are the days where phones and iPods must be plugged in to CD players. Pick up one of these Bluetooth speakers.
  3. These little guys are great for those with teenagers who are into action sports. They can be mounted to skateboards, bikes, snowboards, skis, and surf boards. They are also great for travelling, especially if you’re heading somewhere tropical where the underwater shots could be great.
  4. Is your daughter into her hair? Upgrade those dodgy hair straighteners or curlers she got years ago and are probably damaging her hair. This one, this one and this are all great.
  5. Add some personality to your teenager’s room by getting them some cool wall art. This, and this are our faves.
  6. Get your teenager to take a break and just chill out. Colouring books are the perfect stress-relievers. Try either of these for holiday colouring fun.
  7. A selfie light is the perfect gift your for teenager obsessed with Instagram and Snapchat. They’ll be able to perfect those selfies!
  8. The best perfume gift sets always come out at Christmas and they’re a perfect gift for your daughter. Here are some of our favourites: Taylor Swift and Marc Jacobs.
  9. Has your teenager been begging you for some cool new sneakers? Pick some up for Christmas ? they’ll probably wear them all day (either that or just stare at them).
  10. For the movie buff, a smartphone projector is an awesome way to keep watching movies on the go.
  11. Concerned that your teenager’s phone always dies? Get them a portable phone charger for their stocking, and they won’t have an excuse when they don’t answer the phone.
  12. Sick of hearing your teenager’s crappy music playing too loud through their room? Buy them some cool headphones for Christmas, though be prepared that they may not answer you when you call them down for dinner.
  13. Lush sets are perfect for your daughter who is always in the bath. Just make sure to tell her to clean the bath after she uses it; otherwise there will be glitter everywhere.
  14. For your beach babe, how ?bout a cool round beach towel? She’ll be the coolest girl on the beach.
  15. Another one for your photography buff ? get them a drone and they will love you forever.
  16. No longer are water fights mainly preparing, filling, and tying balloons! Attach this to the hose, fill ?em up, pull ?em off, and you’re good to go. Water fight, begin!
  17. Backyard cricket is the epitome of a Kiwi summer. Grab the family and have a game ? loser has to do the dishes.
  18. These light boxes make a perfect addition to anyone’s room.
  19. If you don’t mind aiding in your teenager’s procrastination, pick them up this desktop fuzball game. They’ll have a blast!
  20. Another gift for any Instagram pro: A phone camera lens kit.
  21. These novelty pillowcases are so cute, and who wouldn’t want awesome pillowcases?
  22. Your technology or gaming obsessed teenager will be amazed if they find these VR goggles in their stocking.
  23. Record players have been making a comeback. Get your teenager to kick it old school and pick them up a record player.
  24. Popping a new skateboard and an action camera in their stocking will make for a very excited and suddenly very busy teenager this summer.
  25. If you have an older teen who might be looking at moving out, popping a cookbook in their stocking will make sure that they won’t go hungry when they shift to their own flat. Either this one, this one or this one will make sure your teens are well fed.
  26. For your mermaid or swimming obsessed teenager, these Merfins turn your teens into mermaids, perfect for summer in the water.
  27. Another for an older teen. If they just seem to misplace their soap, or perhaps don’t live at home, a funny way to make sure they’re staying clean/shaving kit: Soap on a rope!
  28. For your teen who is obsessed with selfies, now they don’t even have hold the phone while they take a photo with this selfie dock.
  29. Your gaming teenager will have the best Christmas if you upgrade their gaming system, whether it’s an Xbox or Playstation.
  30. If your teenager is into Star Wars, then they will love this Sphero BB-8 droid. This app-enabled robot will be their new obsession.
  31. Purchasing your teen the instrument they’ve had their eye on will get you bonus Christmas points and give them a new hobby.
  32. Pool floats are the ultimate summer accessory add one to your teenager’s stocking.
  33. Lonely Planet Not-For-Parents ? How To Be A World Explorer: This book will inspire your kids to travel the world, and hopefully they take you with them.
  34. Another summer essential: Picking up a stand-up paddle board will be fun for the whole family.
  35. Waterslides are still fun, even for teens. Give them free rein of the backyard and put this up. Best Christmas ever!
  36. Pokemon Go has been taking over the world! Get your teen some Pokemon cards to go along with the game.
  37. Good old Lego, a classic Christmas present. Now with different themes, including our favourite Star Wars sets.
  38. Nerf Guns are the ultimate water fight weapon. Just make sure you’re on their team so you don’t get soaked by one of these!
  39. A picnic hamper with food or camping gear will come in handy for an outdoor adventure this summer.
  40. A beauty subscription box is the perfect gift for your makeup-loving teen: She gets a new box monthly, with a whole lot of new products.
  41. Help your teen keep track of their fitness goals and sleep patterns with a Fitbit.
  42. Give your teenager’s work kit a kickstart and pick up some tools, if they’re planning on doing an apprenticeship post-high school. A drill, hammer and screwdriver set are good places to start.
  43. If your teen has been in the Pokemon Go world in 2016, pick up Pokemon video games for Nintendo, Xbox, or PlayStation. You can even get the older games, like this Pokemon – SoulSilver Version ROM Download for NDS online for free!
  44. If your teenager is always late, they need a new watch for Christmas. If you’re feeling extra nice, an Apple watch is a really cool little device.
  45. Teenagers always need clothes, and almost always don’t want to buy them for themselves. Take your daughter shopping so she can pick out her own. Or just pick up some T-shirts and shorts for your son ? he’ll probably wear whatever you buy to avoid shopping.
  46. Concert/festival tickets for upcoming shows are always a great gift for your teen. Adele is here early next year, and so is Passenger. But also look at Rhythm and Vines or Northern Bass tickets, or tickets for the cricket or tennis over the summer or for the rugby next year. A season membership for your teenager’s favourite sports team is also a good option.
  47. If your teen is heading away on their OE, save them the expense of buying a suitcase or backpack for their trip. At least this way you know they have a decent one, not one that will break two days into their adventure.
  48. Board games are the best way to cure boredom. Old favourites have been reimagined ? think Round the World Monopoly, 2000s Trivial Pursuit, or upgrade your Cluedo (everyone loves a whodunit).
  49. For your teen’s travels, get them a camera with a decent memory card, and then they will be able document everything!
  50. A Nespresso Aeroccino3 White is the perfect coffee or hot chocolate making tool. Your teen will make perfect milk froth for their hot drinks, and yours!
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