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Fess Little Noses

As babies breathe through their nose, a clear nose is essential for feeding and sleeping. FESS Little […]

Groovy Things

“Groovy Things” is the newest and latest extension to the growing family business of Paulas Furniture and […]

UC Mental Health and Nutrition Research

Does your child have ADHD? Are you interested in treatment alternatives to stimulant medication?   If your […]

Brolly Sheets Ltd

  Brolly Sheets are the toilet training experts. For night time a Brolly Sheet bed pad will […]


Sleepyhead is 100% New Zealand owned and operated, and our commitment to making every component of our […]

Health 2000

Health 2000 is New Zealand’s most trusted supplier of more than 11,000 natural health products – from […]

New Zealand Health Shop Limited

SleepDrops is a naturopathic, gentle and easy to administer range of sleep support products which are suitable […]

Sick of being woken up early?

MoMo the Monkey Sleep Trainer Clock teaches kids to stay in bed until it’s time to get up.  If monkey’s eyes are closed, it’s time to sleep, if he opens his eyes, it’s time to get up!    

            “This little clock is a lifesaver. No more 6am wakeup calls for us. Brilliant product!” Andrea, Albany

Phone Number: 03 3296790


Stop bedwetting now!

If you and your child are struggling with wet beds and piles of washing then take action now and solve your bed wetting problems. Bed wetting Alarms - safe, effective and easy-to-use. Check out our new European-designed Rodger Wireless Alarm.

            “Within 3 weeks my 7 year old was dry. I wish we had tried an alarm earlier. Thanks so much”  Carly, Christchurch

Phone Number: 03 3296790


Reduce the risk of flat-head in your baby

"Flat-head syndrome" occurs in newborns and young babies when the back or sides of the head become flat or mis-shapen due to prolonged pressure from flat surfaces like cot mattresses on the skull while baby is asleep, or on their back. This can be prevented simply by using a Baby-Head-Rest.  It provides gentle support for baby’s head and allows natural head movements in babies 0-4 months of age.

Available from Farmers, Baby City & Baby Factory

Phone Number: 03 3296790


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