Junior Junction

Albany, Secret Garden, Massey, Sunnynook & Hamilton.

Need to know

At JUNIOR JUNCTION we believe that each child should be respected as a person with their own needs, abilities and interests.

Our environment encourages children to use their own ability to grow and learn with the support of teachers and parents/whanau.

We are committed to the guidelines and principles of Te Whaariki, the New Zealand Early Childhood Curriculum.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Nurture – provide a caring and stable environment
  • Protect – provide a safe environment
  • Empowerment – encourage growth and learning
  • Relationships – encourage positive interactions
  • Belonging – making children involved in our multicultural centre


We strive to make available an affordable, high quality early childhood education and we have 5 childcare facilities, 4 in Auckland and 1 in Hamilton for you to choose from.

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