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Soccer4Tots is the leading indoor ball development and soccer programme for preschoolers with classes.

Soccer4Tots is a high energy, structured play programme that offers boys and girls a variety of enjoyable, challenging ball games, activities and simple soccer skills.

Children are given the opportunity at an early age to develop confidence and concentration skills in a fun and encouraging environment. You will see your child improve in key areas such as hand-eye and foot co-ordination, balance, agility, along with gross motor skill development such as catching, throwing and kicking. The Soccer4Tots programme allows kids to learn invaluable life skills that assist with everyday activities such as day care, school and team based sports and moving into junior sports.

As all sessions are held indoors, your child’s development is not weather dependant. They get to have fun all year round!

Contact us now on 09 974 3644 or – your kids will thank you for it.
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