Wartie wart & Plantar wart remover

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The key to removing warts (or verrucas) is to remove the core of the wart – this is hidden under the dome that you can see on the top of the skin. Wartie is an easy to use ‘freeze’ treatment, similar to the cryotherapy method used by doctors and precisely freezes the wart or verruca to the core.

Wartie’s patented technology provides outstanding freezing performance to remove warts and verruca’s fast, effectively and safely.

Unique and safe application

Wartie is unique in the market as it has a patented precise rounded metal tip. This allows Wartie to deliver highly effective and targeted freezing power to the wart or verruca, thereby avoiding the surrounding healthy skin, resulting in a quicker and more pain-free application.

Perfect for wriggly children!

Wartie is Easy to use and Fast – takes less than 1 minute

Ready to use straight from the box with no tricky assembly needed of sponges or small pieces, Wartie is easy to use and fast.

The cannister contains the gas DME (Dimethyl ether) which once activated (by pushing down on the top) is released as liquid gas into the cannister. The liquid gas evaporates and cools the metal tip in seconds and is ready to apply to the wart or verruca.

How does Wartie differ from other treatments?

The metal tip allows a more precise and pin-pointed transfer of the cold compared to other products. This results in highly effective and less painful freezing as it avoids burning the healthy surrounding skin during treatment.

You can control the size of the area frozen through the amount of pressure you use. More pressure means more of the metal tip touching the wart, resulting in a larger freezing area.

Only one application is needed at a time and one application should be sufficient to successfully remove a wart or verruca. Should a second treatment be necessary please wait 14 days between applications.

With 18 applications per box, Wartie provides cost effective, professional freezing performance and less painful wart removal.

Which Wartie to use?

Wartie Freeze

  • Suitable for children aged 4+ & adults
  • Newly-grown warts and verrucas on hands and feet
  • Safer and more precise than other home freeze removers
  • No harm to surrounding healthy skin
  • Apply once and wait 14 days until the wart is gone

Wartie Advanced

  • Treats stubborn or mature warts and veruccas on hands and feet
  • Increased freezing performance due to inclusion of conductive gel
  • All in one kit: treatment, conductive gel and protective plasters
  • Apply once and wait 14 days until the wart is gone
  • Suitable for children aged 12+

Available in pharmacies nationwide

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