International Observe the Moon Night at Stardome

6:00 PM - 10:30 PM

Event Description

International Observe the Moon Night is a worldwide public event that encourages observation, appreciation and understanding of our Moon and its connection to space science and human culture. Be part of this annual event that connects us all to our beautiful little satellite.

A 30 minute show in our immersive indoor dome planetarium show will show you more about Te Marama / The Moon, exploring how it came to be, how it impacts life here on earth, its phases, and the maramataka (Māori lunar calendar).

Weather permitting, we’ll have our courtyard telescopes and Zeiss telescope in action to view the moon, all evening until 10.30pm.

Show sessions: 6.15pm, 7pm, and 7.45pm.



$12 / $10


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