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**EXPIRY** Please note that this webinar is able to be watched within a specific time frame (27 Dec 21 to 9 Jan 22) and runs for approx 1 hr 25 mins. Please take note of the expiry date so that you can access the webinar before it expires. It can be paused and it can also be replayed and watched again (it cannot be shared but can be watched from the same device that you accessed it initially). Enjoy!

Tune in and watch this extraordinaire Teen Brain presentation by Nathan Wallis. This recording was taken live just prior to lock down from the La Vida Centre in Christchurch. Nathan is a lively and engaging speaker who uses humour and plain language to make this complex topic come to life. Join Nathan Wallis for an in-depth look into the teen brain.

Covid has put all of us in an unpredictable environment and this has added layers of complexity to an already complex time of life – especially for children and teens already dealing with issues around anxiety and depression. During adolescence parts of the teenage brain are “shut for renovations”. This is the part of the brain responsible for regulating the teenager’s moods, for understanding consequences, maintaining focus and for thinking about the well-being of others. And the ‘teen’ years can start as early as 9 and end anywhere from 18 to 32 years of age!

However the good news is that there are clear tips and practices from the research that can help and enhance our teen’s ability (and yours) to cope with this tricky time and minimise the stress for everyone. Understanding the changes that are taking place will help you to navigate successfully these important and formative years. Nathan will share strategies with participants to achieve better relationships and better outcomes for the children and teens we work and/or live with!




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