Sea Monsters: Prehistoric Ocean Predators

Otago Museum

All Day Event

Event Description

Millions of years ago while dinosaurs ruled the land, giant reptiles over 20 metres long hunted the depths of the sea – and they’re coming back to life in this incredible exhibition for families.

With 70 exhibits, including real fossils that are millions of years old and huge life-sized fossil casts of up to 13 metres, and hands-on immersive multimedia, this is an amazing family day out.

The exhibition was produced by the Australian National Maritime Museum with one of the world’s leading sea monster experts, palaeontologist Dr Espen Knutsen, and kid curators; the displays capture children’s imaginations while communicating the latest scientific research on marine life.

The highlight of the exhibition is the hands-on Draw Alive space where children can create their own sea monster, scan it in, and watch it digitally swim on the screen before them, mixing science, art, and creativity with the latest in multimedia technology.

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