The Magic Faraway Tree

5:00 PM - 2:00 PM

Event Description

Tall tales from an enchanted wood
Don’t miss this fabulous, fantastical story by one of the world’s best-selling authors, Enid Blyton, adapted for the stage by Tim Bray.

Jo, Bessie and Annie move to the country and discover an ginormous tree in the midst of an enchanted wood. Things get really strange when they climb it and discover magical people living there, like Silky, Moon-Face and the Saucepan Man.

At the very top, a ladder leads them to magical lands which are sometimes nice (like the Land of Birthdays and the Land of Take-What-You-Want), but sometimes not-so-nice (like the Land of Tempers and the Land of Dame Slap). Along the way, the children have some thrilling adventures!

Based on four books in The Enchanted Wood series, this wonderful show will enchant you from the first minute to the last.

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$25 - $48.50


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