5 reasons you don’t think you need parenting classes… but you do!

Although everybody likes to think they’re perfect, parenting presents new challenges that could be overcome more easily with the help of online parenting classes and the resources they provide. These classes actively help you develop a parenting style that will work with your child’s specific needs, as well as develop good behaviour that will follow them throughout their teenage years and into adulthood.

So what are the reasons could we all benefit from parenting classes, but don’t think we need them?

1. You’re a new parent… but you’re playing the “wait and see” game

Being a new parent is a scary thing. There’s so much to learn, including how to deal with your toddler biting, how to build up your child’s confidence, and how to respond to angry children. Studies have shown that the early years of your child’s life are the most important, as young children learn the fastest and so the behaviour they learn in their childhood can follow them through to adulthood. Parenting classes work to improve your knowledge and create strategies to encourage good behaviour in your children.

2. Develop a support network… when you think you have plenty of friends already

In these classes you will be surrounded by people who are going through the same things you are. Through this, you can make new friends you can learn from and contact if you ever need advice or assistance. Parenting classes also help you build up your confidence in your own abilities, in a safe and nurturing environment, with specialised teachers.

3. Different children need different parenting… and your first child was easy

No two children are the same. Therefore, even if your child has older siblings, this does not necessarily mean they will respond to your parenting approach in the same way. Parenting classes can teach you how to match your parenting style to your child’s specific needs. It’s not always easy to figure out what your child needs from you, however there are a multitude of parenting classes suited to different ages or needs. These classes will enable you to develop the best parenting style to suit your child’s personality and level of development.

4. It builds upon your current parenting skills… and your “go to” isn’t working

Parenting classes are not a reflection of your self-worth as a parent, but rather builds upon skills you already have. These classes aren’t designed to help “bad parents” , they aim to help improve the good parenting skills that most parents already have. So put your pride aside, and have a look at what these classes can offer you.

5. Most parenting classes teach (and remind us) of the power of positive discipline… and you’re feeling frustrated and worn out

When someone does something wrong, often people’s first reaction is anger. However, when it comes to children, this is not the best response. Parenting classes work to teach you how to control your anger and use positive reinforcement instead. Positive discipline is the belief that there are no bad children, only bad behaviour. Therefore, positive discipline works to teach children good behaviour and get rid of bad behaviour, without having to resort to anger.

We have many amazing parenting classes on our Tots to Teens mall site. These cover a wide range, including classes designed for fathers, friendship, sleeping and parent/child and parent/parent relationships. So take a look and see what these parenting classes can offer you!

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