10 brilliant pregnancy apps to try right now

There are literally tens of thousands of apps available for your Smart Phone these days – and many of these are related to pregnancy and new baby. Here are some of our top picks for pregnancy apps that will make your life easier through pregnancy and beyond.


1. BabyBump Pregnancy planner

This app provides you with daily and monthly information on your unborn baby, helps you keep track of appointments, stores your birth plan and photos, provides baby name suggestions and can even keep you connected with a personalised online community.

2. Foods to avoid while pregnant

Finally! An app that helps remind you which foods to stay away from to avoid any complications. It also tells you how to prepare food safely and answers many food-related queries.

3. Art Bellies Pocket

Get your partner to take some photos of you and your pregnant belly and use this app to instantly transform them into minimalist line art and oil paintings that you can use as a keepsake or nursery art.

4. Yoga Mama

This is a prenatal yoga app with easy, step-by-step instructions. Consisting of low-cardio, strengthening and relaxing poses, many of them also cater specifically for common pregnancy complaints (such as heartburn, lower back pain and pelvic floor strengthening).

5. Pregnancy Kick Counter

For use once you are over 25 weeks, this touch screen app makes it so much easier to keep track of your unborn baby’s movements and logs them so that you can monitor them over a period of time.

6. Contraction Master

Another counting app that helps you keep track of the timing and duration of each contraction, making it easier to relay this vital info to your midwife or specialist. It even has a ‘Go to hospital’ alert!

7. Total Baby

Keep track of multiple babies’ diapers, feedings, sleep and baths, their current ages, doctor visits, vaccinations, growth charts, and more with this app. This application is particularly useful and differs from many other Baby apps because of its ability to keep track of information for twins (through dual timers) and children of different ages.

8. Baby Connect

A fantastic app designed to track your baby’s every move – with a difference. With the ‘Connect’ feature, it allows you to share what your baby is doing with others – in real time. Or, if you have a caregiver watching your child, they can share what’s going on with you. Messages can be sent back and forth, photos can be shared, and the information appears quickly from the app to the web and vice-versa.

9. iThankYou

This app helps you keep track of baby gifts. With photos of the gifts, plus names and details, you will find it much easier to remember exactly who gave you the blue blanket with the duck on it. You can also keep track of whether or not you’ve got round to actually writing and posting those Thank You cards.

10. The NikeWomen Training Club

Wanting to shred the post-baby weight? This app will help you shed whatever baby weight you may have left. This application allows you to create your own workouts on the Nike site and follow it through your iPhone. The programme includes exercises for cardio, core, strength, flexibility, and balance, and invites users to compete against each other for a little added incentive.

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