Fall in love with 'Peter the Pukeko'

Your kids (and you!) are going to fall in love with ‘Peter the Pukeko’ who sings delightful tunes that are funny and catchy. Very wholesome viewing for your littlies.

Hopefully you have just watched “Peter the Pukeko”, one of the songs that will be on the album, that Kiwi Dave Butler is hoping New Zealand parents can help make a reality.
“I would love to record my new, fun, fresh and educational songs and have awesome videos that go with them, but I need your help!”
Dave has always loved animationmusic and cartoons. He put his animation career on hold to see this through. As a part-time amateur singer-songwriter,  who has been inspired to write a whole bunch of songs after the birth of his son, he hopes to animate videos to them all, creating a little world, where all characters live together and help each other sing their songs.
Songs will predominantly be in English, but some will have the occasional use of other languages (including sign-language) for educational purposes. Dave explains,” I want to create an internationally accepted and understood brand where kids can learn. I want to make music that transcends boundaries and borders. Music for EVERYONE!”
Youtube channel Bumbleberry Lane is ready and waiting for the music videos. With crowd funding, the next steps will be to professionally record the songs, market the album,  and animate the videos.
What do you think? Original kids songs that will get the family rocking…It’s going to be a lot of fun and it will be something that will bring smiles to little kids and grown-up kids. Details on how to help here.

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