Parents, these latest ideas will make you a fundraising superstar!

If you’ve been landed with the role of raising money for your children’s school or preschool, then don’t panic, because we have a list of quick fundraising fixes for you, plus tried-and-true event inspo to impress your Mum (or Dad) squad.

1. Good Change’s eco cloths (photo at top) are made of wood pulp and cotton, and have become a super-popular choice for school fundraising. The clever duo behind this standout product will send out a series of fundraising kits to help the kids spread the good word, and boost your school community’s commitment to a more beautiful world. This Scandinavian invention fights bacteria as well as being mega absorbent and easy to dry, they are made from wood pulp and cotton, have the absorbency of 15 paper towels and are fully compostable into the earth after 6-9 months of use (all lab tested in Switzerland!). Plus the best news, when these cloths come to the end of their life you can compost them in the garden!

2. Want an alternative to plastic that’s easy on the eye, organic and reusable? Honey Wraps come in many different styles and patterns to provide a stylish and waste-free lunch wrapping. You can sell these for a very reasonable $14 per wrap to make a $5 profit, or $150 profit for a box of 30. In order to snatch up this sweet deal, apply on their site.

3. A little birdy told me the Kings Seeds Seedy School Fundraiser Programme is a great fundraising idea. This programme teaches children life skills such as hard work, patience, and healthy eating habits. These packs will also allow parents to spend quality time with their little gardeners. You will be able to create a healthy profit with minimal effort with this idea, as each seed packet makes a profit between $1.60 to $2.45. Check out their site above to see how this idea can be implemented, and other seedy school fundraising ideas.

4. Do you feel guilty every time you use a straw in a cafe or restaurant? Well why not sell re-usable metal straws? This way you, and fellow students, can indulge in a smoothie or milkshake without the added guilt of creating waste. Gilmours has a collection or beautiful shiny straws, complete with a carry bag and cleaning brush, for only $2. Buy in bulk and sell at $5 to make a great profit.

5. The Eco Store appeals to a niche crowd, but one that will appreciate the pampering. Selling soaps is a great way for mums to support a cause without the calories, and unlike chocolate, it’s socially acceptable to have a whole bar to yourself. Kids can buy a box of soaps and sell them for a profit, as well as personalising them. On the front of the Grapefruit and Mint packaging is a section for the kids to create and decorate just for mum. Check out the website for details, testimonials, and videos.

6. For more eco fundraising ideas that you can select from catalogues, check out Sustainable Fundraising New Zealand and Real Good Fundraising.

As well as teaching our children sustainable practices, it is also important to teach them about healthy eating.

7. Cadbury chocolate boxes are becoming a staple fundraiser, but what if we put something healthier in the box – Alive Fundraising asked themselves this question in response to rising child obesity levels in NZ. Don’t worry, this isn’t a sad story. You can now buy Frooze Ball boxes to sell, and earn profits up to 40%. This also has an easy pay option that you can ease into if it’s your first time fundraising.

8. Do you want an organic spin-off on the classic chocolate fundraiser? Trade Aid offers a steal of a deal for their ethically sourced chocolate, with fundraising profits of $1 per bar sold. You can make up to 40% profit! Sign up online for this velvety goodness to be sent to you.

If you would rather turn your fundraiser into a fun family event or gift yourself with some of your child’s artwork then these ideas may be more down your alley.

9. Planning a movie night, concert, camp, fireworks or disco fundraiser, and want to raise a little extra? Glow Sticks Ltd sells bracelets, rings, paint, and sticks in bulk cheaply, so you can re-sell them for profit. Glow sticks are always a hit with kids (not very environmental alas, but fun!); they literally light up an event. If you want your fundraiser to be remembered, this is a great option. Check out the website for ordering details and options.

10. A more laidback approach (we like to chillax) is enquiring about fundraising and events at the cinemas. Liaise with your local cinema for an epic experience (selling bags of homemade snacks at the door, maybe?). We’ve found that Reading Cinemas work especially well for this kind of fundraising. Just make sure to choose a movie that most people will enjoy!

11. If you are looking to personalise your fundraising, Naturally Gifted transform children’s drawings into permanent art pieces. Once you’ve sent in your drawings, they’ll send back tiles, magnets, mugs or coasters with the new design. With the tile option, you can create a giant mural of your kid’s artwork. Tile printing costs $9 a pop, for more details visit their website.

Looking for the big bucks?

If one big fundraiser per year is more your style, then finding your niche and holding a big community event is the way to go. Use your school parent contacts and talents to make it easier, everyone knows that school fundraisers are always the ones to go to as everyone gets involved to raise money for good causes. Here’s a list of fundraising inspo that other schools have run with great success:

  • Fireworks night
  • Barn dance
  • Music festival
  • Fun run/mini marathon
  • Trivia night
  • Knowledge-athon
  • Cookbooks
  • Yummy fruit stickers
  • Wine tasting evening
  • Parents’ Ball
  • Melbourne Cup night
  • Agricultural day
  • Golf day
  • Christmas carnival
  • Halloween trails
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