A specific Christmas list

Isn’t it funny how learning becomes much easier for children when they can relate it directly to something they want?! Let me explain.

Miss Five overheard the word ‘specifically’ on the telly last night. Her inquisitive nature led her to ask, “What does ‘specifically’ mean, mummy?”. I did my best to explain the meaning of the word to her (not the easiest, I must say) and although it was nearly bedtime, I saw her sleepy eyes turn sparkly as she used it proudly in a sentence that was relevant to her.

“Mummy, I know specifically what I want for Christmas!”. And boy, does she ever!

Educators talk about Authentic Learning – where learning is designed to connect what children and students are taught and explain it with a real-world approach, because experiences that do not encourage children to make meaning from their learning will quickly be forgotten.

Whatever learning (math, science, language) you put into context for your littlies (or ask them to put it into context themselves) it’s a great learning support system and enhances their understanding – and you’ll likely have some very hilarious conversations along the way.

Now, back to that veeeery specific Christmas wish-list…


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