Creatures of the night

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While I’m actually quite fond of winter (hello cosy nights in, woolly socks, candles, hot drinks, red wine…), but it can throw a spanner in the works when it comes to bedtime wind-down and the kids’ sleep comfort.

Winter pyjamas, tick! Winter sheets, tick! But I can feel that chill in the air that I know is going to get worse in the coming weeks. I’m also pre-empting that 2am freeze-factor which often wakes the kids (and adults too) as we head into the coldest months of the year and our homes feel a significant temperature drop overnight. 

When it comes to winter warmth, my mind swings between snug and safe; I know modern oil heaters are considered safe to leave on, but as my children’s bedrooms are upstairs and our home is dry and draft-free, I prefer to keep the appliances off and instead rug them up with the cosiest kind of duvet or sleep sack. However, that may all change come July.

And as a bedtime-bonus for me this month, Miss Six has started saying that she’s scared to go to sleep (a totally new thing for us to navigate) which is delaying her usual bedtime significantly. And her brother, Master One, has begun having night terrors – which are no fun for anyone, especially when they coincide with the exact moment I want to hit the hay myself. Luckily our parent community have some awesome tips for handling night terrors here.

Looks like we’re in for a long winter.

Pamela McIntosh Editor, Tots To Teens

SUPPORT THOSE IN NEED: Some great initiatives to help families stay warm this winter:Winter Warmers Warming Hearts

Foster Hope, Kiwi Community Assistance

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