I Need To Get Back on The Bedtime Story Bandwagon

Do you read your children a story before bed? 

I must admit, I’ve deprived my kids of a bedtime story in the past few weeks. I usually enjoy a book with Miss 6 every afternoon as part of her school reading homework, but that’s not quite the same as getting all cosy under the covers and drifting off to dreamland after a good fictional tale. 

And with two bedtime books landing on my desk this week, it made me think about revisiting the benefits of pre-slumber storytelling.

Author and creative director of Wonderbly, David Dadji-Newby says “story time not only fosters a wonderful closeness between you and your child/ren, but also encourages conversation as well as helps kids to relax”.

I’d have to agree. I find that some of the most interesting conversations I have with my daughter often pop up just after storytime. Maybe the one-on-one attention and quiet time gives her space to talk to me about things she often wouldn’t bring up in the busy-ness of the day. 

Experts say bedtime stories improve concentration, helps children sleep, encourages imagination, teaches them morals and strengthens your relationship. 

Now that’s some serious incentive to get back into our bedtime stories – starting tonight!

Sleep tight,

Pamela – editor
Tots To Teens

Images at top. Left: The Great Kiwi Bedtime Book, by Donovan Bixley ($20, Upstart Press) Right: Little Kiwi and The Goodnight Sing-Song ($16, Penguin)
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