PM baby watch: Jacinda and Clarke's baby is on its way!

From the ninth floor of the Beehive in Wellington to the ninth floor of Auckland City Hospital… It’s been confirmed that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is in labour with her first baby. She arrived at hospital at 5.50am this morning, Thursday 21 June, driven by her partner Clarke Gayford. The PM’s office has said that there will be no formal announcements until Jacinda and Clarke announce the birth of their baby.

The baby was due this past Sunday, and like 15% of other firstborn babies will arrive past his or her due date. Jacinda will take six weeks of maternity leave, after which Clarke will be a stay-at-home dad while Jacinda resumes her duties as the country’s leader.

“I’m hoping the child picks up some of mum’s temperament,” dad-to-be Clarke told The Guardian back in May.

With the average labour for first-time mums around eight hours, we may know sooner rather than later whether a little boy or girl has arrived. Our best wishes to the Prime Minister for a safe delivery and healthy new arrival!

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