Squeaky clean humour

I’m finding post-Covid school lingo quite entertaining. Last week I picked up Miss five from school and she wanted to explain the new hand-washing system in place at her Primary School. “Mummy, when we clean our hands at school we can choose between using soap or using fertiliser”, she proudly explained.

I know her school is big on teaching kids about horticulture (and obviously hand hygiene) but it took me a few moments to realise that she meant ‘sanitiser’! I noted this conversation in my head to re-tell the husband later on, to which I quickly forgot because… mum-brain.

Watching our children find the confidence to share their learnings (even if on occasion they use incorrect words) is such a pleasure. The pride on their face and the heightened tone as they report back on something that happened at childcare, in school, or even after a play-date makes you realise how much their little brains are taking in minute-by-minute all while highlighting the importance of consistent communication – and humour!

Has your wee one come up with something hilarious in conversation? I’d love to hear your story – perhaps we’ll publish some in the next Tots To Teens magazine.

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