When My Daughter Asked Me About Matariki…

I must admit, albeit embarrassingly. I didn’t know a lot about Matariki until recently. 

But having a daughter in Year Two has meant that I’ve been learning about Matariki as much as she has. The classroom has been doing lots of work and play around Matariki, and Miss Six comes home and explains all the facets about this time of year – what it represents, how was can spot the star formation… 

When she started asking me a few questions, which I couldn’t answer, I knew it was time for me to step-up and study-up.

I was pleasantly surprised with how much information there is about Matariki. Much like its significant star formation, you just have to look for it. From books to articles, videos and events, there’s so many ways to understand the many beautiful stories of Matariki and what it represents in our culture – as well as lots of fun events to celebrate it too. 

I’m continuing my education on Matariki so when my toddler gets to school, I’ll be able to confidently help him appreciate this time of year.

Pamela McIntosh

Editor, Tots To Teens

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