Where did the year go?!

How on Earth can there only be five weeks until Christmas?! Did I miss something, perhaps, the entire year…? It certainly feels like it.

Time is a funny thing. It always feels like it is either zooming by with so much pace that we can’t keep up, or it’s toddling along s-l-o-w-l-y and we’re counting each second on the clock.  

Just like any November that came before, it’s this time of year when the days, hours and minutes become more precious. Often, family sanity goes out the window in lieu of festive catch-ups and late-night Christmas shopping.  

2020 has been extraordinary, to say the least. But something we can try to control is the pace we set for ourselves and our family in the lead-up to Christmas and the summer holidays.  

With good planning, self-care, and allowing yourself to say ‘no’ when you want to. You can set yourself up for a more serene season.


Editor, Tots to Teens

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