Why Creativity is Cool For Kids

Have you seen our new issue of Tots To Teens magazine at your local library, early childhood education centre or school? It’s a FREE resource with loads of ideas for all aspects of childhood and parenthood – and it’s easy to request the print version here or read the interactive version here.  

We aim to cover something for everyone in each issue, and while the cute fish-shaped sammies, the ‘word find’ and the incredible prizes to win are definite stand-outs in our latest mag, the story I loved compiling the most was about how creativity is good for kids. 

Click here to discover the myriad of benefits being creative brings (such as fine motor skills, problem solving…), and – in a world where creativity in any form is becoming more popular and respected. Not to mention, opening doors for many careers as well – we share some cool ways to get your kids into drawing or music, in particular. 

We are, of course, nurturing Aotearoa’s next generation of creative geniuses. 


Editor, Tots To Teens

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