New Relief for Sniffles | Zestt Breathe+ Jnr

With winter approaching, many parents are looking for ways to help their children avoid and recover from the cycles of sniffs and snuffles. New Zealand scientists have formulated a new, naturally derived solution specially adapted for children to help boost immune systems and winter wellness

Developed in Dunedin, Zestt Breathe+ Jnr Liquid contains a potent combination of natural ingredients. Anthocyanins obtained from organic blackcurrants and boysenberries are scientifically shown to support healthy breathing. These anthocyanins are strong antioxidants and help to promote cell repair, too. Clearer lungs facilitate better oxygen flow and naturally help the body repair and recover from illness. Zinc is important for supporting a high-functioning immune system, and chelated zinc is gentle on children’s digestive systems. UMF™ 20+ Mānuka honey promotes a healthy oral and respiratory microbiome and tastes great alongside the berries, making it easier to give to young children.

Zestt Breathe+ Jnr Liquid can boost immunity and lung health. One teaspoon given daily can support better breathing, leading to more comfort and better sleep at night. By building up innate immunity, children are better prepared to breathe easy all winter.

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