New Year's resolutions you can actually keep (even saving money)


Are you one of those people who come up with New Year’s resolutions each year, only to find yourself nowhere near on track two or three months later? You are not alone! Less than 25% of people stay committed to their goals after 30 days, while only 8% accomplish them.

For parents, there are two main goals that rank highly: Health and saving money. Lucky for you, we have two great ways to help you keep to your goals with minimal effort!

1. Make sure access to good health is easy and affordable

The top New Year’s resolution consistently relates to health: quitting smoking, exercising more, healthier eating. These are all essential elements to staying healthy and living a comfortable life; however, there’s another way to look after your health ? to invest in good quality, affordable health insurance. Some people are lucky enough to be covered by their employers and trends in 2021 show that more small businesses will look into covering their employees for everything from basic health to mental health coverage. However, not everyone is lucky enough to get insurance through their work so will have to look elsewhere.

There are many health insurance providers in New Zealand, so who do you choose?

Eirene from Wellington chose Manchester Unity and is happy to say:

“I appreciate the repayments from when I send in our medical accounts, treat them like income… We have been with you for 53 years now, from the year we were first married. A good investment, thank you!” Eirene, Wellington

Jennifer is another happy member of Manchester Unity and says:

“” Medical insurance has helped me personally for such a small cost. I can pay a little extra if I want to add optical, dentistry or surgical extras” I am very grateful to MU.” Jennifer, Napier

Manchester Unity to save money

Choose Manchester Unity. Because they give an additional, exclusive bonus you won’t find elsewhere. When you sign up for health insurance, you’ll get complimentary membership of Manchester Unity worth $96 a year, for free! Membership means you get access to saving money on medicines, booking affordable holiday homes, enjoying discounts and deals, and purchasing $9 movie tickets. Where else can you get such superb value with your insurance?

Manchester Unity truly makes health affordable.

If you are after an affordable plan for everyday medical bills like GP and physio, with the flexibility to add options, check out Manchester Unity. With three tiers of plans ? Basic, Premier and Wellness, you can protect yourself and your family for as little as $7.23 a week. That’s less than two of your takeaway coffees a week!

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2. Save money in ways that don’t deprive your family

The second most popular New Year’s resolution revolves around money ? saving money and sorting out your finances to be more specific.

It’s difficult to restrict your spending on items you need (even on items you want!). You can’t avoid spending on health products for your kids when they get colds, or your prescriptions when you get sick.

Saving money does mean you have to quit doing things your family enjoys, like trips to the zoo, or even your own individual hobbies as well. There’s always a compromise, like researching for promotional offers for day trips, or maybe adjusting your hobbies to reduce their costs. For example, if you are a keen mobile gambler, you can learn tips on how to lose less money when playing and put this extra money to good use.

Save money with compromises is the best of both worlds. Therefore, your best bet is to have a discount app that gives you the freedom to spend less on what you are already buying. Furthermore, reading things like this article may be helpful in giving useful tips on how to save money effectively.

Manchester Unity to save money

Read what two Manchester Unity members have to say:

“Our children needed some new multivitamins” I used the NZ Online Pharmacy which comes with my membership. Pricing was comparable, our 10% rebate was back on my credit card within an hour and my order arrived the next day! We will definitely use our discount again.” Brooke, Wellington

“The discounts and free prescriptions at the UFS chemist more than make up for subscription dues.” Loreena, Manawatu

You can spend less on medicines for your family with the exclusive 10% refund at NZ Online Pharmacy included with your Manchester Unity membership. There’s also generously discounted prescription and chemist products at UFS or UFS affiliated pharmacies in select cities across NZ.

Manchester Unity’s membership starts at $76 a year, and you’re sure to gain that back easily through the exclusive discounts available. The membership provides incredible value.

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Manchester Unity has been the smart choice for savvy kiwis for 180 years!

If you are looking for a smart way to achieve your New Year’s resolutions, Manchester Unity is your answer! Whether it’s saving money, looking after your health, or even looking after you and your family’s future.

The real bonus is with every medical plan purchased you’ll get complimentary membership of Manchester Unity worth $96 a year for free! Membership means you get access to Manchester Unity’s holiday homes and all their “save money” discounts.

Medical insurance starts at $7.23 a week.

Let Manchester Unity help you achieve your new year’s resolutions with ease!

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Manchester Unity, making life healthy! For more information on benefits of joining Manchester Unity’s medical plans, member-only discounts, holiday homes and other membership privileges, please connect with Rebecca on

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