Affordable holiday ideas?! Check this out…

At a time where every dollar counts, a collective of clued-up Kiwi parents have discovered a smart way of spending so they can make the most of their money these school holidays.

It seems like the kids are barely back at school before the holidays roll around once again. Time off work plus the skyrocketing cost of entertaining them can leave a pretty big hole in the budget. Manchester Unity is a Kiwi collective helping to keep costs down in New Zealand, with the sole purpose of providing affordable holiday homes, education support, and reducing day to day living expenses for families. This is not a profit making company, but an organisation that started over 100 years ago to support communities. Members now have access to a wonderful portfolio of holiday homes, family fun days, discounts for movies tickets and more.

So what holiday fun can you access straight away as a brand new member?

1. Cheap movie tickets

Normally from $16 upwards, you can get up to twelve movie tickets at $9 each, valid for any session. This will get you to some pretty fantastic movies. We really shouldn’t suggest that you take your own snacks, so feed the kids up bigtime before you go, make sure they all have a last minute toilet stop, and maybe sneak a water bottle and a wee treat in their backpack.

2. Entertainment Book

Remember that big book full of coupons that was always at home when you needed it? It’s now online and you can get $10 cashback on the membership. This unlocks a world of 2 for 1 attractions such as zoo’s, trampoline parks, mini golf and more.

3. Rainy Day Gaming Fun

When they’ve exhausted all the usual rainy day activities, let them loose on the Online Games Portal. Hundreds of games with something for everyone. Even better, they are ad-free and on a secure site that you can trust so you can catch up on few emails without worries.

4. Staycation

A night at a hotel is always fun and something the kids will definitely remember. It doesn’t have to be expensive too – you can get a 20% discount on the daily rate at Millennium and Copthorne Hotels or 10% off the Best Flexible Rate with the Scenic Hotel Group. You can even grab a discount off your coffee the next morning at The Coffee Club!

5. Get Creative

Unleash the kids’ inner DaVinci with arts and crafts. You can get a discount on all arts and crafts (and most items storewide) from Officemax and more. So get the kids into scrapbooking, or clay modelling. There are also a wide range of DIY craft kits that are perfect for school holidays.

There is no catch

As a member, you pay just $8 a month (the price of a large coffee) and become part of a community with access to special discounts available at big retailers including JB HiFi, Coffee Club, Repco, Specsavers and more. Members also access affordable holiday homes in some of New Zealand’s top locations for as little as $37 a night. Your membership fee is quickly recovered through all of the savings you’ll be making.

There are even more savings and support funds on offer with every membership. Take a look through the various benefits you will have access to, as there are a vast amount on offer to help families young and old.

Want to try it out? You can trial a Manchester Unity Membership FREE for 30 days, and find out how it can help ease your family’s entertainment costs these holidays (and possibly even include lovely, affordable holiday in Queenstown). 

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