Our solution to expensive family holiday accommodation

holiday getaway in Queenstown with accomodation costs from $40-$70

It seems like everyone’s itching for the perfect holiday getaway this summer – and with the inability to travel too far abroad, New Zealanders seem to be embracing local travel; enthusiastically booking holidays and appreciating our beautiful country. The only problem is, New Zealand holiday houses can be very pricey. If you can’t help feeling like you’re missing out because of the high costs of accommodation, you’re not alone. 

I’m sure that most of you money savvy parents out there have experienced this at least once: you find your perfect destination, get really excited and start imagining the fun activities you and your family can get in on, but then find that there is not a single place to stay at that is under $300 a night for your family of five. UGH! It’s so disappointing because we all dream of taking our family on a great holiday; fun for the kids, relaxing for us. Plus there are some really beautiful travel spots in Aotearoa that you’d really want the kids to experience.

Nevertheless, the cost of accommodation can make that holiday almost impossible to consider. So how happy would you be to hear about a collection of 13 holiday homes we found around the country that parents can rent super-cheaply. This is a great opportunity by Manchester Unity, New Zealand’s largest fraternal friendly society; a collective of members who support each other, that has been around for more than 170 years!

Manchester Unity parents members simply pay a small amount (just $96 per year), and get automatic access to rent any one of the 13 holiday homes for as little as $40-$70 a night. On top of that you’ll qualify for more great perks like discounts, fun online games and competitions, and so much more.

The $96 membership fee is quickly paid back with discounts at stores like Bunnings or renting a house in Queenstown for $70 per night rather than the market rate of $350 – $500 per night. 

Here’s your chance to create family memories at beautiful New Zealand beaches, playing in the snow and cycling on the best bike trails. Parents have been so thankful, and can’t believe how worth it it was. No catch!

Here’s what parents have to say:

“We went on an adults’ only holiday to check out the holiday homes, and they were so amazing. We couldn’t believe it! We can’t wait to book in for the whole family, as we are keen to walk the Abel Tasman with the kids, and there’s a great place in Nelson.” ~ Maria, Auckland

“We so enjoyed our holiday home in Queenstown. Our elder and younger sons joined us from other cities and we were all able to reconnect. We used Queenstown as our base for lovely day trips heading in all directions… A wonderful memorable time for us all, with the bonus of clean, tidy reasonably priced accommodation. Thank you Manchester Unity.” ~ Joanna, Nelson

Our stay at Nelson was most memorable for us… a modern house with all the amenities of a modern home….easily walkable to the town centre…close to other attractions… we thoroughly recommend the Nelson accommodation” ~ Martin, Southland

“The reasonably priced holiday units mean you can afford to have a family holiday.” ~ Doreen, Wellington

“I think the holidays homes alone are well worth being a member for!…” ~ Sarah, Hastings

“Incredibly well priced and well-placed holiday homes…” ~ Andrew, Auckland

What are you waiting for? If you’re ready for that family holiday you’ve been daydreaming about, sign-up, choose your destination and book your budget-friendly accommodation! 

Thanks to our friends at Manchester Unity for sharing this great idea with us.

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