Ways to save money this Christmas

saving money

We asked our Facebook community how their wallets are surviving this festive season. For many parents, Christmas can be a bundle of both stress and joy, giving and watching the bank balance get smaller. Here are the best ways to keep the Grinch at bay and have a happy holiday!

1. Happy wrapping

Buying wrapping paper can cost a small fortune when you’re acting as the family’s Santa. A clever way to combat this is to get old newspapers or used brown paper and wrap the presents in it. Recycling is a great way to give back! Kids can add their own special touch by putting potato prints on the homemade paper.

2. Re-use

Speaking of re-using, purchasing second-hand goods is in (with a grin) this Christmas! Take care of your local charity while scouring for the best deals and steals at the same time. You can often find things ready to go, or just in need of a little touch up. Our favourite op shop grabs include tea sets (mix and match china for that teddy tea party), kids’ clothes (they often grow out of them so quickly, there’s hardly any wear and tear) and books galore!

3. DIY

Some parents even do a strictly “no buying” Christmas. Rather, they rely on creativity, DIY, recycling, home baking, family activities and events. Homemade Christmas decorations for kids are always a win in our books! Check out our Christmas craft here.

 4. Foolproof Christmas List:

1. Something they want

The main event (for some)!

2. Something they need

Sports, hobbies etc.

3. Something to wear

Socks, undies – they’re necessary but not always pretty.

4. Something to read

Book or magazine subscription.

5. Something to do

Ice-cream date, movie tickets, museum outing, etc.

6. Something for “me”

Keepsake, ornament, photo album, letter, card, etc.

7. Something for the family

Board game, movie, outing, etc.

5. The best of the budgeting tips:

  • The early bird really does get the worm (and the best Christmas gifts). Keep an account during the year to put aside a wee bit of money each week – even if you have to start with just 10 cents. You don’t have to spend it all either; if there is any left over, bump it into the “surviving the holidays” account.
  • Buy presents throughout the year. Nab that steal at the op shop straight away, and get into that cheap sale before it ends. Being prepared and having a few tricks up your sleeve can save you from December shopping fever.
  • Instead of a spring clean, have yourself a Christmas clean! Clear out some of those bits and bobs that are sitting around, sell them for a couple of bucks, or donate them to your local charity. You’re doing a great thing and making room for presents (or just the tree!).
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