"Brain Tricks" for kids with anxiety

Anxiety – the mere mention of the word can make us anxious! While it is really helpful to be more open about issues that bother us, unless we know what we can do about it, we can end up feeling overwhelmed by the problem rather than feeling hopeful that there is an answer. Rose Stanley tells us about her new book “Brain Tricks” for kids of all ages with anxiety.

Information about ‘molly-coddling’ our kids, being a ‘helicopter parent’, along with the threat of this generation being too ‘thin-skinned’ can understandably be a concern, causing us to feel confused about how to strike a healthy balance: how can we be sensitive to our children’s emotional needs and still allow them to experience the invariable hurts and disappointments of growing up?

This hope for our children rests in the fantastic power of neuroplasticity. We can encourage our kids to utilise their own amazing brain. A brain which can adapt to new experiences, along with the myriad of changes that life constantly throws at them.

Brain Tricks is a book which breaks down into very simple terms what emotional pain is, and how it differs from physical pain. It explains the different ways we often try to deal with our emotional pain, i.e., ignore it, blame others for it, etc. It then goes on to show children that by changing the way they look at and think about emotional pain, they can form new connections in their brain. By doing this they can manage pain differently and become more resilient.

Here’s a small excerpt from “Brain Tricks” talking to kids about physical and emotional pain.




Brain Tricks uses some of the very basic principles of Cognitive Behaviour Theory, which is widely used and proven to be the one of the most effective treatments for children in the areas of anxiety, depression and ADHD. Written in a light and quirky style, Brain Tricks provides an opening to a very important topic for children. It empowers them to learn how to think and behave differently. Whether you are a parent or family member, or someone who works with children, you can use this book as an aid to further a child’s emotional and mental well-being.

Thanks to Rose Stanley, author of Brain Tricks, Published by Cheeky Dragon Collaborations, available for pre-order price of $20 up until Friday 16th Aug or $23 thereafter online at www.cheekydragon.com. Rose’s other titles on emotional literacy and problem solving are available for purchase on www.rosestanley.com

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