Tips and Tricks for Safe Cycling | Keep up to date with the guidelines

Does your child want to ride their bike to school? It can be lots of fun, but here are a few simple tips to ensure that they are safe cycling.

  • Teach your child balance, turning and signalling skills away from traffic, then take them riding on quiet streets initially to improve their traffic awareness for safe cycling practices. Point out any potential hazards to them and help them choose good places to ride.
  • Teach them to keep to the left side when riding in traffic, but at least one metre from the kerb or parked vehicles.
  • Encourage children to ride predictably, in as smooth a line as possible. They should avoid cutting in and out of parked vehicles.
  • Consider sending your child on a cycle skills course run by a police education officer, local council or other qualified groups.
  • Ensure your child wears an approved helmet and check their bike regularly, including brakes, tyres, chain, lights and reflectors.
  • They should wear brightly coloured clothing and closed-in shoes when cycling.
  • The recommended age to cycle alone is 10 years or over and it’s strongly recommended that children under-10 should only cycle on the road with adult supervision.
  • Make sure you and your child know the road rules and follow them. Check them at

For more tips on safe cycling check out: and

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