6 walking adventures in Auckland the whole family can enjoy

Grab those grumpy kids attached to their iPads and get them outdoors! Now that we are all conscious of respecting the Rahui in the Waitaks, you will want to know about these six alternatives for an adventurous outing with the fam. Walk your way through our kid-friendly selection, which will take you from city to country to enjoy all of Auckland’s glory.

Remember to always apply sunscreen first and wear a hat.

1. Ambury Regional Park, Mangere Bridge: (43 Ambury Rd, Mangere Bridge, Auckland 2022)

Ambury farm has lots of animals the kids will love to see and pet! The area is surrounded by water to play in and has many beautiful sights to enjoy with the family. The area has a classic New Zealand farm feel and the caretakers are friendly and helpful. Bring your gumboots if you’re willing to go off the path and get mucky.

For a better look at the area check out this 360 degree interactive photo by Local Guide, Conor King.

Important info:

  • 1.00km approx.
  • Pram and wheelchair access.
  • Drinking fountain available.

2. Auckland Domain: (Park Rd, Grafton, Auckland 1010)

Walking the outside on the domain is a less traveled area with a few hidden gems. There are many different creatures and plants for the kids to discover as well as a lovely café near the winter garden for the adults to relax. The café is pram accessible and very kid friendly with good coffee, hot chips and lovely cakes to eat!

Photo by Jerry Zhang

Get a glimpse at the area with this 360-degree interactive photo.

Important info:

  • 2.00km approx.
  • Pram and wheelchair access restricted to main area.
  • Toilets.
  • Café.

3. Silo Park: (Beaumont Street and Jellicoe Street, Auckland, 1010)

Your chance to explore the waterfront! The kids will love the modern and funky play-ground and you will love the scenery and fooderies. There is a lot of amazing sculpture and architecture to see. A dream world-like landscape that is perfect for kids who love adventure. Mostly high-end restaurants nearby but there’s also a Pita Pit. Use the Pita Pit app while the kids are playing to skip the line and get your food that much faster.

Important info:

  • 1.00km approx.
  • Pram and wheelchair access.
  • Toilets.
  • Restaurants.

4. Moire Park, Massey East: (Moire Park, Massey, Auckland 0614)

Plot your path with the kids as a fun activity! Just chose a length on the left side of the map and match the colour with the track. Map provided by Waitakere City Council.

Lush New Zealand plants to walk through and a play-ground for the kids. Visit Royal Bakery nearby for great pies and their delicious egg sandwiches.

Important info:

  • Length up to you.
  • Playground.
  • Dog friendly.
  • Muddy track after rain.

5. Basque Park, Eden Terrace: (Eden Terrace, Auckland 1021)

A relaxing place in the middle of an urban jungle with a unique water sculpture for kids to play in. Take a walk up to Symonds Street and visit Bian Sushi and Donburi for great sushi and a kid friendly environment. Pram accessible but a tight fit for larger prams.

Important info:

  • 1.00km approx.
  • Plenty of free room to play.
  • Muddy after rain.
  • Dog friendly.
  • Cafes located slightly further away. (450m walk to Symonds St)

6. Kauri Point Centennial Reserve, Birkenhead: (Chatswood, Auckland 0626)

Amazing New Zealand forest and beach. Perfect place for the kids to enjoy NZ nature. There are not any food joints nearby so bring a picnic unless you’re willing to travel a little. Take the trek up to Bungalo Café on Mokoia Road for amazing pastries and hot food.

Important info:

  • 3.7km approx.
  • Prams access but no wheelchair access.
  • Steep in some places and slippery after rain.
  • Wear good shoes – roads unpaved.
  • Several beaches along the way to visit.
  • Dog friendly.
  • 15-20min walk one way from car park.


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