A Spy car-ride game

You will need:

  • One large, long, sealable, clear plastic container, (Suggestion: the plastic container that three tennis balls come in or large clear drinks bottles work well.)
  • Rice(uncooked)
  • A collection of small bits and bobs. (For example, a dice, button, crayon, small letters, plastic ring, spiral pasta.) The more, the better.
  • Tape or superglue


  1. ) Begin by tipping some rice into your container and, every so often, add in one of your bits and bobs.
  2. ) Continue until the container is 7/8th full.
  3. ) Seal the container securely, using glue or tape ( this is essential to stop curious children spilling rice all through the car).
  4. ) You are now ready to play.
  5. ) The game involves a player being asked to ‘spy’ something among the rice. They then have to tilt, flip, shake, rotate the container until they spot it.
  6. ) Remember, you can make the game more difficult by asking if the player can find something red, or something starting with H, or something that would normally be cold, and so on.
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