How to nail your child’s modern perm… 

Cue the 80s nostalgia; perms for boys are trending on TikTok”

It happened slowly, then all at once” the perm is officially back in favour with the younger generations. And as someone with frizzy, dry hair that falls out constantly, I can safely say that we must welcome this trend back with open arms. For no other reason except the idea of ?just letting your hair be’ seems like something I can’t wait to embrace.

I’ll admit, I had permanently placed perms into the ?things of the past’ category, but users on TikTok are consistently (and I’ll be honest, surprisingly) proving me wrong these days. Curly perms are really gaining traction amongst the young men on the app, where countless transformation videos are emerging, somewhat out of the woodwork.

If your child is still going through the perfect curls, little ringlets and lots of volume stage, embrace it, because thanks to TikTok and pop-culture that’s the coveted look, especially for the lads. I love the TikTok platform (not just because of the perms…) but I can’t seem to get a decent following. Maybe I should buy TikTok followers to get things kickstarted but I’m undecided at the moment. After all, I don’t have a fabulous perm to show off. DISCLAIMER: That was me once, and now I have strands so dry I could literally start a fire if I rubbed them together for long enough, so please make sure they appreciate what they have before it is gone.

But what about if your child is not naturally blessed with hair that looks like it belongs on a Disney set? The secret to the modern perm lies in the technique, the new waves are gentler and all about placement. Here are a few helpful tips to get the look:

Use hair gels

If you want to use hair products to get your hair curly, the best way is to use gels. Use a very small amount, run it through clean hair and then take the time to do individual curls (using a pencil or something similar to wrap around).

Leave it to the professionals

If you want to get the real thing, your best bet normally lies with your hairdresser or barber. Tell them the hopes and dreams you have for your hair and see if they have suggestions on how to get you there.

Use argan oil

You can naturally train your hair to curl by using oils to moisturise it. Once or twice a week, use a small amount of hair oil and comb through the hair after washing.

Try texturising spray

Spray directly on the hair to loosen follicles and increase natural curl and volume.

Let your hair air dry

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