Buggy-friendly walks in Christchurch

Christchurch is blessed with such a beautiful landscape;  it’s an absolute must to head outdoors with baby in pram to get a little exercise, not to mention delight and feed your soul. We think you’ll love our selection, where you can focus on nature and your little one can nap along the way.

Rapaki Track Walk

Location: Rapaki Road, Christchurch

Time 1 -2 hours  Time 1 -2 hours 

This is one of Christchurch’s must do family walks. This beautiful track is a longer walk for the older children, but is also perfect for baby to fall asleep in the buggy. The track takes you to Veron Park, with lambs on the side of the walkway that will amaze the older children. This walk offers outstanding views of Christchurch that are almost picture perfect on a clear day. Bring along a friend with children and make this a day out experience that both you and the children will love.

Travis Wetland Nature Park

Location: Rapaki Road, Christchurch

Time: 30 minutes – 1 hour 

Viewing platform

A pram-friendly walk that gives you the option of a short (30 minutes) or long (1 hour) walk is ideal for parents of all fitness levels who are looking for a little time out of the house. With viewing platforms, wildlife, and water, this will keep the older children entertained for the duration of the walk while giving your baby some time to sleep in the fresh air. Get outside with a friend who has children too, and enjoy the walk together!

Hagley Park Walk

Location: 14 Riccarton Avenue, Christchurch Central

Time: Varies  

Located in the central city, Hagley Park is one of those breathtaking walks that leaves you wanting more. A tranquil route that is particularly stunning in August when the flowers have bloomed, Hagley Park has a range of sport facilities for you and the family to enjoy, or to watch others play. After enjoying a relaxing walk, relax and grab a bite to eat at the Botanic Garden Café or picnic facilities provided.

Spencer Park Walk – Wetland Pond Circuit

Location: 100 Heyders Road, Christchurch

Time: 20 minutes (return)  

A lovely walk for the family to enjoy that’s very easy and perfect for a tired baby who needs to be settled. Spencer Park provides picnic areas, animal areas, paddling pools, and lookout platforms. Not far from the park is the Wetland Pond circuit walk. Only 20 minutes, this is a quick pram-friendly walk ideal for parents needing a little fresh air or kids needing some outdoor activity when you’ve only got a short time to spare.

Halswell Quarry Park Walk

Location: Kennedys Bush, Christchurch

Time: 40 minutes  

This is a stunning walk that is a must-visit in our eyes. Take some time out of your busy schedule and bring the buggy along for a walk to remember. There is an amazing Japanese garden along with six sister city gardens. A range of tracks, ponds, and water fountains have made this a popular attraction in Christchurch.This walk will immerse you in Japanese culture and the children will love the colourful flowers and fresh air.

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