Olympic Torch

With the Olympics right around the corner, here is your guide to creating your very own olympic torch at home.

Materials: Empty paper towel roll, paper cup, tin foil, coloured tissue paper (we used yellow, orange, red and a golden colour), child safe scissors, clear packing tape.

Olympic torch instructions

Step 1: Tape a paper cup onto the end of a paper towel roll. Make sure the cup is open at the top.

Step 2: Cover the paper roll with tin foil, bending the foil to stay in place and then taping it at the seams. Then cover the cup with another piece of tin foil, again bending the foil to stay in place and then taping any seams. Make sure the cup is still open (covered or not covered in foil).

Step 3: Cut each piece of coloured tissue paper in half (optional but because we used four different colours and hence four pieces of tissue paper that helped cut down the size) and then pinch each piece in the middle, gently fluffing the upward tissue paper to make a flame like appearance. Tape each colour of tissue paper together at the pinched middle to create a bouquet of sorts.

Step 4: fold a piece of packing tape with the sticky side out until it makes a double sided piece of tape. Stick the tape to the bottom of the cup and then press the pinched end of the flame bouquet into the sticky tape to stay in place

Go the Kiwis!!

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