How to: Pirate catch craft

pirate craft

Winter provides plenty of indoors time to do something crafty with the kids and this Pirate Catch game, where you try to ‘catch’ the lid onto the bottle, is fairly simple to make and alot of fun to play with.

you will need to use:

  • Pirate stencil (if required)
  • One empty plastic bottle with the lid (e.g., fizzy drink or a milk bottle)
  • Cardboard (cereal or cereal bar box)
  • A 42 x 5cm strip of felt
  • Popsicle stick
  • Coloured crayons or pastels
  • Piece of string
  • Sticky tape
  • PVA Glue

step by step:

  1. Use the Pirate stencil as a guide to draw the face, bandage and eye patch shapes on the cardboard. Cut these out.
  2. Colour the bandage and the eye patch.Trace the outside of the face shape you have cut using crayon, then grind some crayon (a pencil sharpener works well) and press the powder onto the shape and smear in the edges.
  3. Spread some glue on the cardboard eye patch shape and stick it to the face round shape, matching the eye patch to the bandage and face circle. Decorate the Pirate’s face, adding one eye right opposite to the eye patch, nose and mouth.
  4. While waiting for glue to dry, trace a line in the middle of the plastic bottle and cut it in half (ask for help if you need it) – you are going to use the top part of the bottle.
  5. Glue the Pirate’s face to the popsicle stick and reinforce it with sticky tape.
    Glue the popsicle stick with the face on it on the inside of the plastic bottle, turning the bottle upside down, and reinforce with sticky tape.
  6. Using the stencil, use a pen to trace the shape of the arm and hand in the felt. Cut it out (making sure you cut the right length of 42cm) and glue around the edge, then stick it to the widest end of the bottle.
  7. Make a little hole in the centre of the bottle’s lid (you might need help with this) and push the string through and make a knot. Attach the other end of the string to the bottle top – and have heaps of fun trying to catch the lid!

The Stencil for the this project can be downloaded at

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